WWE Smackdown Taping Results & Spoilers (Air Date: 12/20/2013)

Credit – ProWrestling.net

Orton made his way to the ring and cut a promo. Orton said that winning the championship awarded him nothing but a match with Daniel Bryan. Cena interrupted Orton. Cena said he’s out here because he’s gonna prevent Orton from looking like a fool. Cena said that since Orton is champion everyone is watching him and after him. Cena called Orton a giant pussbag. Cena said Orton took the easy way out by winning by DQ on Monday. Bryan made his way out to a huge pop. Bryan said that Orton is afraid of Bryan beating him. Bryan said that when Cena gets his rematch Cena will win and that Cena will grant Bryan a title shot. The Shield came out to attack then Punk ran out to even the odds. Vickie came out to massive boos to announce the main event which is Shield vs Punk, Bryan and Cena.

1. Big E Langston defeated Jack Swagger. Langston won with the big ending in a quick match.

2.Brie Bella defeated Tamina. AJ sat in on commentary. Brie rolled up Tamina for the win and then pushed AJ at ringside.

Bad News Barrett did a promo ringside.

3. Sin Cara defeated Drew McIntyre.

4. Tensai defeated Brodus Clay. Tensai won after a distraction from the Funadactyls and Xavier Woods. After the match Woods and Tensai cleared the ring.

5. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper defeated Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a non-title match. Great tag match. After the match the Wyatts tried to attack but Bryan made the save which led to…

6. Daniel Bryan and The Rhodes brothers defeated They Wyatt Family. Bryan hit the running knee to win.

Damien Sandow cut a promo about canceling Christmas. Miz came out and said where he comes from they celebrate Christmas. It led to a match.

7. Damien Sandow defeated The Miz. Sandow won by rolling up and hooking the tights.

8. Fandango defeated Kofi Kingston. Fandango won with the top rope leg drop.

Backstage, Renee Young started to interview Bryan when The Wyatts attacked. They beat Bryan down and threw him off a ledge out back. That changed the main event to a handicap match.

9. John Cena and CM Punk defeated The Shield by disqualification. The Shield ganged up on Punk to get DQed. The Shield took out Punk and hit the triple powerbomb on Cena. Big E Langston made the save and had a stare down with Roman Reigns to close the show.