WWE Signs Monster Factory Heavyweight Champion “Trademark” Tommy Maclin to a Developmental Deal

“Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe and Danny Cage’s Monster Factory continues to churn out WWE stars.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, former Monster Factory Heavyweight Champion “Trademark” Tommy Maclin has signed a WWE Developmental deal.  As of this time, it’s unknown if he has already reported to NXT.

The Monster Factory has neither confirmed or denied Maclin’s departure.

The signing of Maclin likely stems from a Gerald Brisco seminar held at the Monster Factory over the summer.  The source informed us that Brisco left highly impressed with Maclin and that the WWE’s offer followed up shortly thereafter.  For what it’s worth, Monster Factory vacated Maclin’s World Heavyweight Championship at the beginning of the month.  Marc Cruz prevailed in a one-night tournament this past weekend to claim to prestigious title.

The Blue Meanie, who is a trainer at The Monster Factory, seemed to allude to Maclin’s WWE signing in a tweet that The Monster Factory’s twitter account re-tweeted.  He tweeted:

The Monster Factory also tweeted a short and sweet message over the weekend with a link to a YouTube video showcasing Maclin’s work:

The Monster Factory has a history with producing top wrestling stars. Past graduates of the school include Sheamus, The Big Show, King Kong Bundy, Kevin Von Erich, D Lo Brown, The Headbangers, Chris Candido, Domino, Tatanka, The Pit Bulls, and Raven.

We’ll post more as we receive it.