WWE RAW Country Recap & Results (11/18/2013); Rey Mysterio Returns After Big 12-Man Tag Match

Credit – PWTorch

WWE Raw TV Results
November 18, 2013 – Episode #1,068
Live in Nashville, Tenn.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

Tonight: The Authority returns to Raw. And, it’s “Raw Country” from Nashville. Live in the arena, Michael Cole introduced the show and plugged Florida Georgia Line performing live tonight. Also tonight, Curtis Axel re-defends the IC Title against Big E. Langston. And, in the main event, a big 12-man tag match featuring all of the wrestlers featured at the end of last week’s Raw.

After a pause, Triple H’s music played to bring out The Authority returning from a one-week “vacation.” As Hunter and Stephanie McMahon marched to the ring, the announcers stressed The Authority not bothering to put anyone in charge of the show last week, creating chaos. Once in the ring, Hunter said last week proved how much The Authority is needed because there was too much chaos and the people who have been avoiding them all day – Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero (no mention of Kane) – will be dealt with tonight.

But, Stephanie said, they are incredibly well-rested and they are back. Before Stephanie could hype Survivor Series, WWE champion Randy Orton’s music interrupted. Orton marched to the ring with purpose and stepped right up to The Authority. He said they can blame everyone else for last week, but they’re the ones who didn’t spell out who should be in charge while they were gone. And they’re the ones who caved in and gave Big Show a title shot he doesn’t deserve. And they’re the ones who let Big Show chokeslam him through a table. And they should be protecting their most-valuable asset – not C.M. Punk, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, or Big Show – better than they are right now.

“You’re probably right,” Stephanie said, angering Orton even more. Orton said he’s too injured to beat Big Show by himself on Sunday, so what are they going to do about it. Orton and Hunter got face-to-face in a tense moment, then Stephanie calmed them down that there was some “confusion” last week.

Suddenly, a feeble “Excuse Me” was heard from Vickie Guerrero. Brad Maddox walked out with her and said he would like to take responsibility for his actions. “And last week was all Vickie’s fault,” he said, drawing cheers. Hunter said it doesn’t matter whose fault it is because they’re going to pay. Stephanie added that since they booked so many handicap matches last week, they will be competing in individual matches.

Notably, Vickie versus Divas champion A.J. Lee. And, for Brad, even though it was all Vickie’s fault, he will have a match tonight. Actually, right now and dressed in a suit. Hunter booked him in a match against this man – Randy Orton. Oh, and Brad, just to make it fair, it will be No DQ. Orton, now calmed down after being hot at Hunter, liked the sound of that. Brad started to leave, but DOO Kane showed up to forcefully guide Brad down to the ring for the opening match as Hunter’s music played.

Leading to break, Cole plugged the IC Title match still to come tonight.

[Commercial Break at 8:12]


1 — WWE champion RANDY ORTON vs. Raw GM BRAD MADDOX — non-title No DQ match

Back from break, Brad had removed his suit jacket and was now competing in a lavender dress shirt and work pants. Brad slipped out of the ring once the bell sounded, making Orton wait. Brad then slowly re-entered the ring, untucked his dress shirt, and bailed to the outside. Brad grabbed a mic from the announce table and said they don’t have to do this, but Orton chased him down. Orton tried to attack Brad, but Brad desperately popped Orton in the face with the mic. Brad posted Orton, then slipped into the ring to DDT Orton. Brad covered, but Orton kicked out in time.

Orton, now incensed, took Brad to the outside and destroyed him in front of the announce table. Orton followed with a snap DDT off the barricade into the padded floor. Orton then dragged Brad across the ringside area before grabbing the mic that Brad used as a weapon. Now in the ring, the ref checked Brad for a shoulder injury, but Orton pushed the ref away and bashed Brad in the head over and over with the mic. The ref then called for the bell, sensing Brad could no longer defend himself.

Post-match: Orton demanded his WWE Title belt and paced the ring as his music played. Cole used the finish to hype Orton being ready for Big Show on Sunday.

WINNER: Orton via ref stoppage at 3:58. Too many mixed signals with a heel authority figure getting beat up when WWE needed to be clear on Orton heading into Survivor Series.

Still to come: Big Show gets Ryback in a Survivor Series tune-up match.

Backstage: IC champion Curtis Axel was shown strutting down the hallway preparing to defend the IC Title. WWE cut to a shot of Big E. Langston also walking down the hallway.

Video Clip: Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban singing from their “We Were Us” music video. No word on whether they’re appearing on Raw tonight.

[Commercial Break at 8:21]

Survivor Series hype: Cole announced Bret Hart, Booker T, and Mick Foley on the Survivor Series pre-game show panel. The All-Star Panel has become the bigger selling point than the yet-to-be-announced pre-show match, apparently.

During the Break: Brad Maddox was stretchered out of the ring.

Backstage: Brad was now being loaded into an ambulance. Waiting with a nervous look was Vickie Guerrero, who has to face A.J. Lee later in the show.

In-ring: A remixed version of Big E. Langston’s music played to bring out the challenger for the Intercontinental Title match. Next out was Curtis Axel to make his latest title defense sans Paul Heyman. To try to give the match added importance, Justin Roberts handled rare formal ring introductions for a mid-card title match.

2 — IC champion CURTIS AXEL vs. BIG E. LANGSTON — Intercontinental Title match

On commentary, Jerry Lawler said he’s sure Paul Heyman is watching this somewhere, but Cole said Axel and Ryback are no longer Paul Heyman Guys. Cole relayed further information that Axel says he was only using Heyman to get an IC Title shot.

[Q3] Langston targeted Axel’s mid-section early on, drawing loud groans from Axel. Axel then slowly rolled to the ring apron to avoid Langston, but drew in Langston to be yanked throat-first across the top rope. Axel then pounded Big E. across the back for a one count. Axel in control heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:31]

Back from break, Axel was working on an exciting side headlock. Langston then powered to his feet and swung Axel onto his back before landing a corner attack. But, Axel fired off a dropkick to stop Langston’s momentum for a two count. As Axel slowed the pace again, Cole recapped Axel no longer associating with Heyman. Or, is it Heyman no longer associating with Axel? JBL asked. Lawler met in the middle that it was a mutual dumping.

Langston made a comeback at 8:00 before delivering a big running splash for a two count. Langston wanted the Big Ending, but Axel escaped, teased his finisher, but Langston fought off and hit a big bodysplash. Langston then dropped the straps a la Jerry Lawler in Tennessee, then nailed the Big Ending. It was good for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Langston sold this being a big moment for his career as the announcers hyped it as the biggest win of Langston’s career by getting his first singles title in WWE. WWE replayed the finish, then cut back to Langston taking a victory lap on the way out of the ring.

WINNER: Langston at 8:50 to capture the IC Title. Okay match before the title change, which WWE hopes will inject some life into the IC Title division and give Langston a big jumpstart on his singles face run. WWE presented this as a big moment, so the start is there, but follow-up will be key, as always.

Backstage: Randy Orton, in a sweatshirt, was shown watching the title change with The Shield. Orton spoke about the business at-hand: The Shield will have his back, per The Authority. Roman Reigns spoke that if they have Orton’s back, then Orton has to have their backs. Orton slowly nodded in agreement.

Video Clip: Florida Georgia Line.

[Commercial Break at 8:40]

Back from break, the entire Divas roster was in the ring. Cole said this is Divas musical chairs. Jerry Lawler was also in the ring to emcee this contest, setting it up as “Total Divas” against Divas who did not make the show. Lawler said the theme music will be “Cruise” from Florida Georgia Line, then cued the music.

[Q4] “Cruise” played and poor Natalya was the first Diva eliminated. Natalya frowned and left the ring. Alicia Fox was eliminated next as JBL called this the dumbest thing ever. This broke down only two eliminations in, then JBL offered an obligatory Andy Kaufman reference 45 minutes in. The refs demanded the game resume, but the Total Divas music played instead of more from Florida Georgia Line. Suddenly, Natalya was back in the ring, prompting JBL to request a ruling since she was eliminated first. Cole: “It’s over, John,” then Cole moved on to hyping the 12-man tag main event later on and Big Show vs. Ryback up next.

[ JC’s Reax: Coming to Season 2 of “Total Divas” – WWE tries to explain this segment with talking heads and Talent Relations screaming at everyone. ]

[Commercial Break at 8:47]

Video Clip: “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker featuring the cast of Duck Dynasty. Back from break, WWE showed Downtown Nashville. No sign of the TNA crew hanging out.

In-ring: Big Show was introduced for the next match. Show, super-fired-up, marched to the ring as the announcers hyped Show challenging Randy Orton for the WWE Title at Survivor Series on Sunday. Once in the ring, Show bounced up and down to warm up for Ryback, who was introduced next sans Paul Heyman.

3 — BIG SHOW vs. RYBACK — non-Musical Chairs match

“Goldberg” chants early on. Show and Ryback locked up, then Show opened up his frying pan-like chest to plant on Ryback’s chest. Show ran over Ryback with a shoulder tackle, which sent Ryback to the floor as Cole called this as a first-time-ever match-up. Ryback paced the outside trying to recover as Show just stood there and watched him work himself up.

Ryback re-entered the ring and landed right hand blows to Show, who absorbed before landing another chop to the chest. Ryback sold the effects, but then found an opening chopping down Show at the knees. Cole said Show cannot afford an injury six nights away form Survivor Series. Ryback followed with a big running splash for a two count, then he grounded Show and audibly called some spots.

At 4:00, Show fought to his feet, but Ryback kicked Show at the knee to score with a DDT for a two count. Ryback resumed a mat-based attack to continue wearing down Show, prompting the crowd to pick up a rally chant. Show used it to reach his feet and side-suplex Ryback to escape.

Reset at 5:30. Show ran over Ryback with a clothesline. Then another. Show with a corner butt bomb, but he bounced the ropes and ran right into a big spinebuster from Ryback for a two count. Ryback then stood up and called for the Meathook Clothesline, but Show intercepted with a hand around the throat. Show called for Ryback to block, so Ryback did. Ryback then ran over Show with a not-quite-Meathook clothesline.

[Q5 — second hour] Ryback scooped up Show to try Shell Shock, and he managed to get Big Show onto his shoulders, wowing the crowd. Ryback delivered, but Show kicked out of a pin attempt, surprising Ryback and the crowd. Ryback then tried to pick up Show’s dead weight for another Shell Shock, but Show shoved him off and delivered a big KO Punch center-ring. Show slowly put himself on top of Ryback and it was good for the win. Cole said that means Show is ready for Randy Orton on Sunday.

Post-match: Speaking of Orton, the WWE champion tried to ambush a worn-out Big Show, but Show saw it coming and smashed Orton with a mid-ring spear. Orton quickly rolled out of the ring to recover as Show stood tall in the ring. Back-and-forth camera shots concluded the segment.

WINNER: Big Show at 7:59. They really needed that post-match after Show was presented as slow, out-of-shape, and vulnerable during the match, which seemed to be designed to get over Ryback before Show landed a lucky KO Punch.

Backstage: Zack Ryder was shown talking to Florida Georga Line. 3MB then walked in. Slater, who looks just like Tyler Hubbard, talked up himself, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre. They vowed to show up FGL, who wished them good luck.

Still to come: John Cena’s Survivor Series update after Alberto Del Rio took him out on Smackdown.

Going to break, WWE ran a DVD plug for “The History of WWE,” out tomorrow.

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Second Hour Raw Results

Back from break, Randy Orton was shown angrily requesting ice in the trainer’s room. Orton said he doesn’t understand where The Shield were to help him with Big Show. Orton demanded to know where The Authority was, too, then had an IED moment throwing the trainer out of the room and muttering to himself that he sees how it is now.

In-ring: Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro, and Zeb Colter were shown in the ring. Zeb cut to the chase of asking the crowd to shout along: “We The People.” Kofi Kingston was then introduced for tag action. Meanwhile, Cole plugged Real Americans challenging the Rhodes Bros. for the Tag Titles on Smackdown. The Miz was then introduced to a surprisingly strong reaction as Kofi’s tag partner. Is the heel turn on Kofi coming a la the European Tour?


As the bell sounded, Cole said sources told him that Miz and Kofi were heard saying they would rather be in singles action tonight. Miz started things off with offense on Cesaro, who responded by catching Miz in mid-air to deliver a backbreaker. Cesaro then tagged in Swagger, who smashed Miz on the floor. Back in the ring, Swagger worked on Miz before Cesaro cheap-shotted Miz to maintain control for the heels.

[Q6] Kofi Kingston hot-tagged into the match as Cole read a tweet from The Rock sent out on Sunday that Cole claimed was during Raw to suggest Rock is joining in the Raw Country tweeting. Never a good thing when the lead announcer is produced to lie to the audience. Back in the ring, Kofi reached across the ring to tag in Miz, but Miz pulled away a little bit, then a little bit more, then he jumped off the ring apron. “Ah ha!” Miz laughed in Kofi’s face before Swagger slapped on the Patriot Lock and forced Kofi to tap out.

WINNERS: Real Americans via submission at 4:48. Kill two birds with one stone – Miz turns on Kofi and Real Americans get a victory before challenging for the Tag Titles on Smackdown.

Up Next: Divas champion A.J. Lee vs. Vickie Guerrero.

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero was shown walking over the Trainer’s Room, shouting that she was in trouble, then pretending to collapse to the ground. One of the trainers stormed out to check on Vickie, who sold unconsciousness. “Vickie, are you kidding me?” JBL asked rhetorically as Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:19]

Video Clip: Blake Shelton with “Boys ‘Round Here.”

Moments Ago: Vickie Guerrero pretended to collapse outside the trainer’s room. Coincidentally, she’s facing A.J. Lee up next.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon approached the situation. She said Vickie appears to be dehydrated.and she needs help. But, the doctor said her blood pressure is normal and her pulse is fine. Stephanie said she needs to be taken to the local facility … after she faces A.J. Lee. The crowd popped for The Authority’s latest babyface move. Vickie shot up on the gurney and complained about this treatment before she was wheeled to the ring while still on the gurney. “Noooooo!” Vickie shrieked. “Stop!”

Then, A.J. Lee’s music played to bring out the heel Divas champion along with Tamina Snuka. Once A.J. entered the ring, Vickie pretended to faint, obviously making a point about A.J., who collapsed in the ring on the European Tour. Before the bell sounded, Vickie requested water, apparently being dehydrated. A.J. looked on as Vickie took a few sips of water, then dabbed herself with water.

5 — Divas champion A.J. LEE (w/Tamina Snuka) vs. VICKIE GUERRERO

Vickie tried to bail from the ring, but found Tamina, who disallowed her from going anywhere. So, Vickie “fainted” again. Cole snorted at JBL cracking jokes about fainting. Vickie tried to run away, but Tamina put her back in the ring. A.J. then slapped on the Black Widow and Vickie quickly tapped out, ending her “punishment” match.

Post-match: Vickie fainted again on the outside. This time, she pretended to fall asleep.

WINNER: A.J. via submission at 1:28. Lesson to talent: don’t have a health scare on the inhumane two-week European Tour.

Match Announcement: WWE announced a 7-on-7 Survivor Series match between the “Total Divas” and non-TD roster for Survivor Series.

Backstage: Triple H was with Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow. Hunter booked them in a Broadway Brawl. He said he doesn’t even know what that means, but told them to make it entertaining and “make some music” out there. Hunter, self-satisfied, sent them away before they cost WWE money by having speaking parts.

Next, there was a technical glitch revealing the credits for a video package on the Wyatts vs. Daniel Bryan & C.M. Punk (not pictured on Raw thus far) at Survivor Series.

[Q7] [Commercial Break at 9:30]

Back from break, musical instruments were shown in the ring. Cole said this is for the Broadway Brawl between Sandow and Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler was introduced first and he played along with the bit by strumming an air-guitar. An hour-and-a-half into the show for JBL’s second Andy Kaufman reference. Sandow was introduced next and he marched to the ring selling not being in a good mood. Before the bell, WWE focused on the collection of musical instruments, giving new meaning to a “cutting the ring in half.”

6 — DAMIEN SANDOW vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER — Broadway Brawl

Once the bell sounded, the wrestlers took the fight to the outside so they had more space to operate in. Back in the ring, Sandow and Ziggler tried to wrestle around the musical instruments. Ziggler then dropkicked Sandow out of the ring. Ziggler tried to follow with a top rope move, but Sandow shoved Ziggler into a few instruments, which crumbled like pieces of paper. Sandow covered Sandow for a nearfall to send Raw to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:38]

Back from break, Sandow wedged a steel chair inside the turnbuckles, but Ziggler – still wrestling in his pink t-shirt – cut him off. Sandow picked up a toy-looking fiddle that looked like it came from Toys R Us and popped Ziggler over the head with it. But, Ziggler came back with an exploding guitar shot over Sandow’s head, following by a Fameasser for a two count as the announcers ignored the action and joked with each other.

Ziggler tried to end the match with Zig-Zag, but Sandow blocked, then ran Ziggler face-first into the steel chair wedged in the corner. (Ziggler got his forearm up to block just in time.) Sandow then rolled over a lifeless Ziggler for a close two count. They were down to drums, a cello, and a bass fiddle, which Sandow used to bash Ziggler with. It took 9:45 for JBL to offer the first “Double J” reference of the match, prompting giggling from the announcers.

[Q9] At 10:00, Ziggler avoided a corner attack, then he picked up a snare dram and bashed it over Sandow’s head. Ziggler fired up the crowd by picking up the big bass drum, which he also smashed over Sandow’s head. Ziggler then did a Jeff Jarrett strut into smashing Sandow over the head with a guitar. It was good for the pin and the win. JBL said all they need now is Road Dogg singing for him. During a post-match replay, JBL tried to set up a Jeff Jarrett reference, but he was cut-off mid-set-up.

WINNER: Ziggler at 11:07. The ol’ “take crap and make a crap sandwich” set-up.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL tried to get serious again with a discussion of Randy Orton getting upset with The Authority earlier tonight. A replay showed Orton not having confidence in himself to beat Big Show by himself at Survivor Series and Hunter and Orton having a heated discussion about matters.

Authority Office: Randy Orton barged in to ask if this is some kind of sick joke. He did not clarify which sick joke he was referring to, then asked Hunter and Stephanie if he has their confidence as the Face of WWE. Stephanie said they were just talking about that, then said they need to think about it. Orton took it like a punch to the gut, then walked off.

Backstage: World Hvt. champion John Cena, with his arm in a sling, officially welcomed Florida Georgia Line to Raw. “Stack the Deck” Cena shook hands with the frontmen, then walked off to the ring. He’s up next, Lawler said.

[Commercial Break at 9:51]

Third Hour Raw Results

Six minutes before the top of the hour, John Cena’s music played to bring out the World Hvt. champion displaying his left arm in a sling. Cena smiled to the appreciative crowd on-stage, sent a salute to the on-stage camera, and made his way to the ring after briefly shaking hands with ringside fans. Cole, sounding concerned, said this is a concerning sight for Cena Fans seeing him hurting six days before Survivor Series. Once in the ring, Cena saluted the crowd with his one good arm before surveying the audience.

After a pause, loud boos were heard before Cena Fans tried to drown out the boos. Cena thanked the crowd for their wonderful reception, then said he’s had a bit of bad luck lately. He introduced a clip from last week’s Raw when Alberto Del Rio attacked him with a chair, then tried to take out Cena’s left arm.

Back live, Cena said he did not want to give up after what happened on Raw, so he showed up on Smackdown for an Arm Wrestling Contest. There, Cena won the contest, but Del Rio cheap-shotted him and put Cena through a table, trying to further injure Cena heading into Survivor Series.

Back live, Cena sold dejection re-living the footage. Cena said that’s put him in a bad mood for three days, so he appreciates the crowd’s excitement tonight. Pause for “Cena, Cena” chant that was drowned out by boos. Cena said it’s energy and a WWE Universe just like this made him want to come back from injury. Because he wants to be here in front of the crowd. But, maybe he came back too soon sitting here with his arm in his sling. He said trying to be some sort of super-hero made him think maybe he shouldn’t be World champion. But then he looks around the audience and says, “Damn right, I should be World Hvt. champion.” Cena said Del Rio does not know who he’s stepping in the ring with in six days. He noted he’s performing in his hometown on Sunday and there is a certain amount of excellence that comes with being World Hvt. champion. Cena said pain is temporary and pride is forever, so in six days, he will hold this title and said loud, proud, and clear: “The Champ Is Here!”

[Q9 — third hour] After Cena delivered the fired-up speech, Del Rio walked out on-stage and sarcastically clapped it up for Cena. “John Cena, what an amazing speech! Santa Maria! We have a real superhero in da house!” Del Rio said Cena is so good that he almost made him cry. Cena responded that on Sunday, he’s going to make Del Rio tap. Del Rio laughed off the tough words, then told Cena to show the audience that he can actually hold up the title. Using his arm with the sling, of course.

Cena responded that all that matters is he will be ready on Sunday. Del Rio said he will be ready… to be humiliated and embarrassed in front of his family, mami, and papi. He said a real champion takes advantage of every opportunity. And right now he sees a great opportunity. Del Rio licked his lips in anticipation, but Cena cut him off and said a real champion does take advantage of every opportunity. Cena dropped the sad, arm-in-a-sling look and sold being perfectly fine, hoisting Del Rio in the air for an AA tease, but Del Rio scampered out of the ring and complained about Cena trying to trick him. Cena, offered the crowd a visual that he’s healthy, hoisted the title belt in the air with both hands, but Lawler said he doesn’t think he’s 100 percent.

Next Week: Retired NFL star Michael Strahan on Raw as special guest host of the show.

[Commercial Break at 10:05]

Nashville: More exterior shots of Broadway Street before showing the arena across the street.

In-ring: This week, 3MB is known as Rhinestone Cowboys, riffing on Hoodslam’s monthly band name. Lawler said they’re having an identity crisis, then WWE cut to an Xbox-sponsored video replay of 3MB as the Union Jacks last week. R-Truth’s music then played to bring out Truth and a debuting Xavier Woods, who danced to the ring with Truth as his back-up singer. Truth introduced Xavier, who he called his new partner. “So, that’s Xavier Woods,” JBL said, referring back to several weeks ago when Xavier sponsored a petition to get Big Show re-hired and JBL sold not knowing who Xavier is.


Xavier took a beating early on as Truth tried to shout encouragement from the ring apron. Truth entered via tag and suplexed McIntyre before tagging in “the kid.” Xavier said it’s Morphin’ Time, then rolled into a clothesline before delivering a fall-away shoulder-yank to McIntyre for the three count. Xavier wins his debut.

Post-match: Xavier brought 3MB’s props into the ring to do a dance number with Truth. After a replay of the finish, the winners continued to celebrate in the ring.

WINNERS: Xavier Truth at 3:05.

[Q10] Authority Office: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon told Randy Orton that they’ve been thinking. Stephanie said there will be no Shield and there will be no help on Sunday. Hunter said they expect Orton to prove why he should be the Face of WWE by winning by himself. Orton seethed, then calmed down and said he’ll show them confidence.

Up Next: Florida Georgia Line performs live.

[Commercial Break at 10:17]

Smackdown plug: Rhodes Bros. vs. Real Americans for the Tag Titles on Friday.

Announcers: Cole and Co. were shown hyping tickets going on-sale for WrestleMania 30, which Lawler called the “30th Anniversary” of WrestleMania. Yes, they’re re-utilizing the fake “anniversary” marketing a la WrestleMania 25. WWE then ran a video package on fans getting Mania tickets at the Kick-off Party in New Orleans in Friday. Included were soundbytes from new-look Mark Henry and injured Rey Mysterio.

Back live in the arena, Justin Roberts formally introduced Florida Georgia Line to perform “‘Round Here” on-stage, complete with pyro. During the performance, WWE cut to crowd shots of the Nashville fans singing and dancing along.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL applauded FGL appearing on Raw, then Daniel Bryan’s music played to set up the big 12-man tag main event. Bryan emerged through the instruments on-stage as WWE failed to get a camera on the former temporary #1 star. Once in the ring, WWE got a camera on Bryan, who led the crowd in loud “Yes!” chants. C.M. Punk was then introduced to join Bryan for the main event. Cole called it electric in Nashville with FGL, Bryan, and Punk. After a plug for Bryan & Punk vs. the Wyatts at Survivor Series, Cole sent Raw to commercial.

[Q11] [Commercial Break at 10:30]

Back from break, The Usos and WWE tag champs Rhodes Bros. were in the ring with Punk and Bryan, who kind of hung out in the background, not getting camera time. The Shield’s music then played to bring out Shield through the crowd on the one-year anniversary of their debut. On cue, Cole flashed back to their debut one year ago. As Shield hung out ringside, the Wyatts’s video feed cut in. They’re here. Bray led Erick Rowan and Luke Harper down to the ring as Cole plugged Survivor Series on Sunday.

Once their music stopped, Bray smiled and led his trio down to ringside to join The Shield. The two heel teams sold uneasiness teaming together before Bryan led the crowd in “Yes!” chants prior to the bell sounded with a good 30 minutes left in the show (factoring in the over-run).


Feeling-out process as the announcers sat back and watched the action unfold. Harper then tagged in on Rollins, who got upset with Harper. “We’re a team,” Harper reasoned. Shield did not take kindly to reason and a war of words broke out ringside. Not pictured, Bryan led the crowd in “Yes!” chants as the heels argued heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:41]

Back from break, Cody Rhodes rocked Rollins with right hand strikes. Ambrose then tagged in and rocked Rhodes after running him head-first into a bass drum…nevermind, a simple corner turnbuckle.

[Q12] The babyfaces tried to rally behind Cody, who continued to take a beating, this time from Rollins, who mocked Goldust by doing his pose right in his face. Goldust sold terrifically by staring straight ahead with a (facepaint-aided) look of “Oh, you’ll get yours.” More tags between The Shield only, which Cole pointed out. Rollins began toying with Cody, which woke up the sleeping Rhodes. Cody delivered a suplex, but Harper tagged in on Rollins, again setting up a verbal war of words.

After a brief verbal exchange, Harper saw what was happening on the other side of the ring and cut off Cody from making a tag, but Cody absorbed and nailed a Disaster Kick. WWE then cut to a super-close-up corner turnbuckle shot of Bryan preparing to take the hot tag, prompting Bryan to tell him to back up. Bryan then took the tag and exploded on Harper with signature Bruiser Bryan offense. But, Harper cut him off with a running powerbomb out of the corner.

Bryan in trouble as Bray Wyatt tagged in for the first time in the match. The crowd chanted for Punk as Bray pounded on Bryan with forearm strikes. Once Bray indicated he was in control of the action, the crowd tried to rally with a “Daniel Bryan” chant, but the Wyatts and Shield suddenly formed an alliance and began exchanging tags to work on Bryan. Ambrose even wanted a hug or a hand signal of agreement with Rowan, but Rowan left him hanging and went to work on Bryan.

More tags from the heels before Bryan caught Ambrose with a knee to the gut. Bryan tried to get to the face corner for a tag, but the entire heel group charged the ring to clear the entire face group off the ring apron. The ref tried to restore order with Bryan in trouble heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:54]

Back from break three minutes before the top of the hour, Bryan was still in trouble. As Bryan sold in the heel corner, Rowan looked toward his new friends and selected Reigns to receive a tag to continue assaulting Bryan. Reigns wanted a back-drop on Bryan, but Bryan countered with a DDT. Bryan then made it across the ring to hot-tag Punk, who cleaned house on the heels. Punk delivered a double neckbreaker to The Shield, then stood up and smiled toward the crowd.

High-knee to Ambrose, then one for Rollins. Then another for Ambrose. Punk climbed to the top for a Macho Man Elbow Drop and he connected on Ambrose. Punk wanted a GTS on Ambrose, but Bray Wyatt entered the ring. Punk lost focus on Ambrose, but then slapped on the Vice. The heels broke it up, though.

[Q13 — over-run] Chaos with bodies flying everywhere. Usos splashed heels on the outside, then Punk and Ambrose bumped into each other mid-ring. Goldust broke up a pin, but then ate a big spear from Reigns. Cross Rhodes for Reigns. Buckle Bomb for Cody. Double-attack from The Beard and The Best. It came down to Punk and Ambrose again. This time, Punk nailed Ambrose with GTS and it was good for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Team Punk at 24:02. This was the top selling point for Survivor Series after last week’s Raw – a potential hot 12-man Survivor Series match. The post-match tried to create a sense of Survivor Series having to more to offer, though…

Post-match: The Real Americans hit the ring to try to attack the faces. And there’s Rey Mysterio returning to Raw TV. Mysterio stormed the ring and went through Rowan’s legs to hop onto Cesaro to send him flying to the outside. Mysterio cleared more heels from the ring, then dialed up a Double 619 on Swagger and Harper. Punk then dropped Harper with a GTS into Bryan’s running knee. Bryan, Punk, and Rey stood center-ring as Cole excitedly said Rey is back.

The faces then took a curtain call in the ring with Bryan leading the crowd in “Yes!” cheers. Cole tried to collect himself and sell Survivor Series on Sunday, with Lawler filling in that it will be better than this feeling on Sunday. Cole tried to hype Orton’s WWE Title in jeopardy on Sunday as the faces continued to stand tall as Raw signed off four minutes past the top of the hour. No word on whether Rey is the mystery partner for the faces at Survivor Series, but that was the implication.

Or, if you want to save $55, next week’s Raw is guest-hosted by Michael Strahan, which Raw signed off with a plug for.