WWE Hall of Famer Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon Passes Away at 84 Years of Age

Credit – SLAM! Sports

Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon, one of the greatest heels of all-time and a former Canadian Olympic wrestler, passed away this morning at 4 a.m. in Omaha, Nebraska. He was 84 years of age.

He had been in poor health for many years, much of it stemming from a 1987 hit-and-run accident, where Vachon was struck by a driver, which resulted in the amputation of his leg. Most recently, he battled memory issues.

Mad Dog’s brother and long-time tag team partner, Paul “The Butcher” Vachon, confirmed the death.

“This is not a pleasure call,” said Paul Vachon. “I just wanted to call and let you know first that my brother Mad Dog passed away this morning.”

“It was very peaceful,” said Maurice’s wife, Kathie, of his passing. She will know more about funeral arrangements later this afternoon; she expects the funeral to take place early next week in Nebraska.

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