WRESTLING RAMBLES: A Three Hour Show Can Benefit WWE Monday Night Raw (via @RayTheRambler)

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Yesterday, beloved WWE wrestler John Cena took to Twitter and tweeted the following…


It seems more people are against this than in favor of it. I think it certainly can be a tremendous thing for WWE if everything is done right. If they fuck up and do what WCW did, then it’s obviously not going to work. The two greatest things about Raw going three hours is it will be good for up and coming talent, and storylines can develop better with the extra hour. I give my thoughts in full below.

– Good to feature up and coming talent
As we’re reading and discussing the announcement online, it could be a good thing for us especially that Raw will be going 3 hours. We should get to see more of the up and coming stars. Talent like R-Truth, The Miz, Zack Ryder, The USO’s, Kofi Kingston, and the best god damn jobber in the business Dolph Ziggler. We will hopefully see them wrestle more, talk more and watch them develop into big stars. That’s what we want as wrestling fans, seeing young stars rise to main event level. After all, they are the stars who will carry the company for years to come. I think if WWE were more patient with building their stars, we would be watching a better product.

 Storylines can develop better
With an extra hour of Monday Night Raw, stories have more time to develop. WWE have a Pay-Per-View every month, with roughly five hours of Raw programming excluding  the commercials. Now they will have around eight hours of Raw programming before going into a Pay-Per-View. With more time, you’re more eager to watch the match it has all been building up for. Look at it like this, Rock vs. Cena with a years build would be a lot better than three months build. Just using that as an example, may not be the best one though. Or imagine how Brock and Cena would of been if they spaced out all those promos/interviews/flashbacks at us. They could open the show with one and end with the two or just one of them at the end. You have the best part of two hours to work with and focus on the other talent. For some reason, I have no interest in any of the matches at Over The Limit apart from CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. That is because the stories have not caught my interest. With better build and more time, that extra hour could make the difference in me buying it instead of not.

Below is what our followers on Twitter thought of Raw going three hours!

@bakerthepatrick – PROS: Could have longer matches, showcase guys better. CONS: Just get loads more filler so #Raw will still be shite.

@el_swiftelero – WWE barely has enough to keep 2 hrs entertaining. No idea what they’re gonna do to make 3 hrs every wk. More @CMPunk time?

@21Maxwell – Positive, if it allows more time for the under card and their character development.

@Mental_EMP It’s risky. It can work, although it probably won’t.

@tajealthea – I think the 3 hour #Raw show will be AWESOME

@NatLovesCena – I think its gonna be interesting in terms of quality and ratings wondering how they gonna manage to keep that up

@TremainesAngelx – AMAZING! I hope this means more wrestling, great angles and a better chance for the midcarders to perform.

@mistyreneepeet – I think it would be awesome.

@JX2001 – Well the upside is that half the show won’t be wasted on promos anymore

@JayeshGASatsfan – It’s a good idea to see an extra hour of Raw but i’m not sure if it will work or not

@scottlufc19 – pro chance to showcase more talent, con more john cena

@JakeRobbins9 – I reckon it will be great for storylines but there might be more filler matches

@Tembo4Real – Theres never enuff wrestling so hell yeah! gimme more! lol

@helenrobinson82 – Awesome, but Tuesday’s just got a whole lot tougher!

@J712v2 – It worked well for WCW…. Just look at what I tweeted for my thoughts ~sarcasm~

@WhataManeuver – I think at the moment there struggling to fill 2hours with an entertaining story, so I would bring up some more FCW stars.

@DAZTOM91 – I think the #3HourRaw could potentially be a bad idea. No doubt they will just fill the extra hour with crap. Hope not.

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