Wildkat Sports “Hawx vs. Dell” Review and Results. New Wildkat Heavyweight Champion Crowned

        WrestleChat would like to extend a big Thank You to Grant Fletcher for providing the following article! Grant is close friends with the WrestChat staff out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


The show started with Wildkat’s own Brett Landry welcoming the crowd as always.  He announced that GM Al Lyons was absent due to non business matters, but he left a gift for Luke Hawx (already at ringside) that night.  That gift being the brand new Wildkat World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Brett is stopped short by One Man Mike Dell’s entrance music.  Mike Dell approached the ring saying that he was the rightful owner of that new belt and he’d get a chance to prove it that night due to the rubber match clause.

Dell is then interrupted by Stevie Richards.  Richards tells both men that he should get a shot at the title in the main event because he’s already beaten Luke on his quest to become Extreme Rising World Champion, and challenges him to a match in the main event. Then, of course, Richards is cut off by The Outlaw Matt Lancie accompanied by Hardbody Harper.  Lancie said that he already had a match with Richards to defend his Revolution championship.  “Is my title not good enough for you?!” he asked.

At which point Hawx stepped in telling Mike Dell that his match with him was on.  It didn’t matter where the bout took place on the card.  Luke Hawx guaranteed his victory.

With that the action packed show kicked off.  First up was Absolute Ricky Starks vs Purple Haze.  This was a high energy match which saw Haze diving out of the ring at Starks at one point.  Eventually Ricky Starks would score a pinfall by feigning injury in order to lure Purple Haze in for a rollup pin.

Next up was a handicap match.  Minotaur accompanied by Hardbody Harper vs Jack Jameson and the newcomer Wild Thing.  It took everything in Jameson and Wild Thing’s power just the phase Minotaur.  Minotaur scored the win by chokeslamming both opponents followed by a body splash pin on Wild Thing.

The final match before intermission was Luke Hawx vs Mike Dell for the Wildkat World Heavyweight Championship.  This was an excellent match that spent just as much time outside of the ring as in.  During the contest the referee took a bump after Hawx collided with him.  While the official was down Dell produced what I can only guess from my view in the stands were a pair of knuckle dusters.  Luke managed to get the upper hand over Dell momentarily.  As he tried for a powerbomb Mike Dell struck him on the head with the foreign object which allowed him to pick up the pinfall as well as the title.  Congratulations to Mike Dell on winning the Wildkat Heavyweight Championship… we guess?

After the intermission we saw Haniel T. leading Freakshow to the ring on a chain leash.  T. claimed that Freakshow was his insurance against The SituAsian Bu Ku Dao.  Dao then makes his way to the ring only to be ambushed by Freakshow as Haniel T. kept him distracted.  The two continue to ruthlessly assault Bu Ku Dao until they are interrupted by Curt The Stud Matthews.  As T. and Freakshow held Doa in place for The Stud’s attack, Matthews instead revealed he was there the save Bu Ku Dao by attacking both Haniel T. and Freakshow.  This lead Brett Landry to suggest starting the match as a tag team contest.  The end result being a win for Bu Ku Dao and Curt The Stud Matthews via pinfall.  Brett Landry advised us to keep an eye on the Wildkat web series over at wildkatsports.com in order to learn more about why such bitter enemies would team up as they did.

Next up was Wes Adams vs Bolt Brady for the Wildkat Revolution Championship No. 1 contender match with the winner set to take on the Revolution champ at the first Wildkat show next year.  This one didn’t take to the air so much as we saw Bolt and Wes tumble around the ring.  Both put up a good fight, but it was Wes Adams who scored the pinfall after dropping Bolt Brady with a neckbreaker.

Now it was time for the most anticipated main event.  Extreme Rising’s first World Champ, Stevie Richards vs the Wildkat Revolution Champion Outlaw Matt Lancie with the strap on the line.  This was quite the aggressive, physical contest which began with Lancie shoving Richards to the mat not once but twice.  The two men fought it out hard with Lancie even managing to kick out after suffering a Stevie Kick (a shot which gave Lancie a shiner).  The Outlaw as able to put Stevie Richards away via pinfall after exploding across the ring with a spear.  Congratulations to Matt Lancie on his first Revolution title defense!

          Big thanks to Stevie Richards for taking the time to talk with me afterward.

Hawx vs. Dell