Why Daniel Bryan Will Leave Elimination Chamber as WWE Champion

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Why Daniel Bryan Will Leave “Elimination Chamber” as WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, ramblers of all ages… Ray The Rambler proudly brings to you his reasons why Daniel Bryan will walk out WWE world heavyweight champion tonight at elimination chamber! Ramblers: Wrestling fans: Are you ready!?

If you read that in Jesse James’s voice, kudos to you. That opening paragraph went down either brilliant or it plain well sucked. Regardless, this is my latest column on why I think Daniel Bryan will win the WWE world heavyweight championship tonight at WWE elimination chamber. His time is now.

After the Royal Rumble last month, WWE have realized that Daniel Bryan is their next major star. The leader of the YES MOVEMENT is on top of the world at the moment. Bryan is over so much that even Rey Mysterio, who has been a crowd favorite for over a decade, received loud boos at the Royal Rumble match. Mysterio has rarely been booed throughout his entire career. When he gets booed, that just goes to show how much Daniel Bryan is loved and over at the moment. Mysterio was not the only one to be booed. BATISTA was also booed. A big time superstar who has not been seen nor heard of on WWE TV for a number of years. For a big name like Batista to be booed, there is absolutely no way WWE would not put the belt on Bryan…as now is their perfect chance to do so with the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View tonight.

There is two things we already know; Batista will headline WrestleMania 30 and will challenge for the title. The second is Batista will face one of these wrestlers:

  • Randy Orton
  • John Cena
  • Christian
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Sheamus
  •  Cesaro

I’m just thinking about which match would be the most interesting. I think that is what is most important. Without being too harsh, there is absolutely no way Christian or Cesaro are going to walk out with the title and headline WrestleMania 30. Sheamus, I don’t see that happening. Cena? Wouldn’t surprise me. Orton? I don’t think fans want to see Orton vs. Batista. Bryan? Now there would be a MASSIVE interest there. The reception for that match exceeds all the other possible outcomes, in my opinion. Batista vs. Cena would get the second best reaction in my opinion but it would not top Bryan. Not at this moment in time.

Whether Batista would play a heel role or not would not matter, the focus would be on Bryan regardless and also on the title. Which is what should be important.

If Bryan does win the title at Elimination Chamber and faces Batista at WrestleMania and succeeds, Bryan will finally get his moment. I can just picture Bryan closing out the show… fans applauding. It would be a Benoit WrestleMania 20 like moment, just 10 years on.

I think Bryan deserves this. Bryan is who we want as champion. In fact, it’s all wrestling fans seem to care about at the moment. Along with CM Punk, which is a column for the next day…

Let me know what you think. If you agree/disagree it doesn’t matter, what’s important is you give me your thoughts.

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