What’s in Store for the “Best in the World” Following WWE “Payback”

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What’s In Store For the “Best in the World”?

The Best in the World, CM Punk, returns tonight at WWE Payback. This will be his first appearance in two months and the entire internet wrestling community is buzzing with anticipation of his return. I think I speak for the majority of wrestling fans out there by saying we missed CM Punk. However his absence wasn’t the worst thing for him. It gave him time off to recover and refresh his body and also to recover his psychological condition. It gave us time to miss him. Like the famous saying goes, ”Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and CM Punk’s absence from our TV screen proves that.

Now we can’t wait for the cult of personality theme to him. The Chicago crowd are going to blow the roof off the place! They have always gotten behind their fellow native, CM Punk, and they have had no problem in past telling us that. Tonight will be no different.

My question is, what’s in store for the best in the world? Many are saying he isn’t going to show up. That sounds absurd in my opinion. There will be a lot of fans ordering Payback because of CM Punk’s return and if he doesn’t show up, it’s going to tarnish WWE’s future business. If I decide to pay for Payback and he doesn’t show up, I’m telling you it will be a helluva long time before I buy another WWE Pay-Per-View!

Others are saying CM Punk will leave the evil mastermind, Paul Heyman. This seems more likely than him no-showing. It has been almost a year since he was a baby face and throughout his entire heel run, fans were still cheering him in amounts. The guy is just so good at what he does fans don’t want to hate or boo him. CM Punk is the best in the world after all.

Or will Paul Heyman turn on CM Punk? I think it would be a golden opportunity for sometime during his match with Jericho for Brock Lesnar to come out and destroy CM Punk. Perhaps Heyman felt cheated when Punk walked out two months back? And maybe he wants revenge? This would be a great opportunity to then set up a match between Punk and Lesnar at Money in the Bank. Also it would be two top stars out of the title picture, a great chance to give Daniel Bryan a shot in the WWE title scene.

The possibilities are endless and I think that is the pinnacle of why the entire internet wrestling community is absolutely buzzing with anticipation of his return. Hopefully something unpredictable happens with whatever is in store for CM Punk tonight because, that’s when pro wrestling is at its best; when it’s unpredictable. It makes it exciting and must see. It’s why we love it and watch it when it’s in dire need of change.

Or perhaps the question should be…what’s in store for Chris Jericho tonight? A great story has unpredictability and putting emphases on Jericho over Punk might be a smarter way to go about booking this match. The attention is on Punk so maybe the better option is to centralize the finish around Jericho…perhaps he will turn heel? Who knows. We gotta tune in to find out!

What do you think is in store for CM Punk tonight? Will he turn baby face? Will he remain a heel? Will Jericho turn heel? Will Lesnar get involved?  Let me know your thoughts below. All newcomers are welcome to comment. Please ”like” this column via Facebook button below and ”share” the column to your Twitter followers via the Twitter button below. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to give me your thoughts.

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