The Rock and John Cena Go Back-and-Forth on Twitter Last Night

John Cena at a live event on Monday Night Raw ...

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John Cena noted on Twitter that he was cut open on last night’s RAW after being scratched by The Miz. Regarding last night’s show, Cena wrote:

“CeNation. Fear in the eyes of the miz tonite. He now knows WM will not be a Gimmie. Rock at Raw next mon live. Do not miss it. Yes miz tried to scratch me. A tactic uses mostly in cat fights. 🙂 he was given a haymaker for his efforts. Then he ran. Dauwsh.”

– The Rock wrote the following on his Twitter last night about the show and next week’s RAW:

“Great ending on RAW tonight….I promise RAW in CHICAGO next week will be electrified like you haven’t seen in years…in years.”