Stephanie McMahon & John Cena Discuss WWE’s Use of Social Media at SWSX Convention


John Cena and Stephanie McMahon talked about WWE’s use of social media at the SWSX convention in Austin, Texas yesterday. Here is a photo of them on the panel and highlights:

* WWE’s biggest reach over social media comes from Facebook.

* Cena said he wasn’t sure about using social media at first, because of letting fans “behind the curtain” but soon saw potential in it. Cena handles his own account and said he didn’t want to hand over control to someone else. Cena said he doesn’t tweet all day because he wants his messages to be authentic.

* Stephanie estimated that WWE has increased their revenue by 25% thanks to social media. She was nervous about joining Twitter with her own account. She decided to show a mix of her personal life, her WWE character and her role as a WWE executive.

* WWE provides general guidelines for their talents on Twitter and Facebook, like not to drink and tweet.

* There is a special area backstage where the WWE talents can tweet either before or after their match.

* Stephanie noted that Vince McMahon has a big vision for WWE’s social media use.

* WWE will be revealing a new distribution platform for WrestleMania 29 next week.

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