Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling results – 1/5/12


These will air on January 5th, 2012:

* Gail Kim and Madison Rayne beat Mickie James and Traci Brooks in a solid Knockouts match.

* Sting calls Jeff Hardy to the ring and gives him props for getting trust back. Sting continues to put Hardy over and says he supports him 100%. Kurt Angle, Bully Ray and Bobby Roode interrupt. James Storm eventually comes out with Abyss and interrupts them. This sets up a six-man match for tonight’s main event.

* Gunner and Rob Van Dam wrestled until Gunner tried to piledrive RVD on the concrete like he has been doing. RVD fought him off and officials ran down to make the save for Gunner.

* Backstage segment with some of the TNA Knockouts.

* Jesse Sorensen and Zema Ion beat Kid Kash and Austin Aries.

* Samoa Joe and Magnus beat Kaz and AJ Styles in the finals of the Wild Card Tag Team tournament. It appears Kaz is turning on AJ and joining Daniels as Kaz cost AJ the match for their team.

* Abyss, James Storm and Jeff Hardy wrestled Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle and Bully Ray to a no contest. The end of the match was chaos as Ray hung Abyss off the ring with a chain, Roode applied the crossface on Hardy and Angle put Storm in the ankle lock to end the show.



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