Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling results – 1/19/12


TNA taped the second half of the January 19th Impact Wrestling episode on Tuesday night in Orlando. The first half was taped on Monday. Here are full spoilers, thanks to Eric:

Taped Monday:

* Gunner defeated AJ Styles. Ric Flair was in Gunner’s corner. Gunner tried to DDT AJ on the concrete after the match but he escaped.

* Crimson defeated Magnus. After the match, Samoa Joe attacked Crimson and they beat him down until Matt Morgan made the save. Joe and Magnus got the best of Morgan quick and laid him out.

* James Storm comes out to talk about being the new #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title. Jeff Hardy comes out and says he deserves another shot after Bully Ray screwed him in the rematch. They argue about who deserves a title shot. Security breaks them up and Bobby Roode appears. Roode says there was no winner of the match last week so Storm can’t be the #1 contender. Sting comes out and announces Hardy vs. Storm tonight with the winner facing Roode for the title at Against All Odds.

Taped Tuesday:

* They re-taped the segment from Monday night with James Storm, Jeff Hardy and Sting.

* Eric Young beat Angelina Love by DQ when Angelina kicked him below the belt. Winter and Angelina jumped EY after the match until ODB made the save.

* Austin Aries came out and cut a promo about how he’s better than everyone. Alex Shelley returns from injury and talks about his partner Chris Sabin. Shelley wants a title shot at Aries. Aries tells Shelley to find a warm-up partner. Shelley declares he will be the next X Division Champion.

* James Storm and Jeff Hardy’s #1 contender match ended in a No Contest when Bully Ray hit the referee with a chain. Ray then laid out Hardy and Storm with the chain. Earl Hebner came out and got attacked too. Ray kept laying officials out until Sting came down with a bat, hit him and sent him to the back. Bobby Roode came to the ring and decked Hardy and Storm with the belt.



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