Smackdown Diva’s Match Ends Quickly Due to a “Wardrobe Malfunction”

Credit – WresltingInc

As noted yesterday, Natalya beat Rosa Mendes in a dark match prior to tonight’s SmackDown! taping in Roanoke, Virginia. The match ended suddenly, leading fans to be believe that one of the participants had suffered an injury.

Natalya confirmed on her Twitter that the match did end quickly, however said it was because Mendes had a “wardrobe malfunction.”

“Yes! I beat Rosa in dark match tonight in Roanoke, Va. In less than two min BTW!,” wrote Natalya. “She had a wardrobe malfunction and I seized the moment! …confirming no divas were injured tonight!”

Mendes also wrote about the incident on her Twitter, writing, “A wardrobe malfunction that everyone wanted to see tonight.”