Shawn Michaels: Vince McMahon Doesn’t See “Big Money” in Daniel Bryan

Shawn Michaels has said in a recent interview that Vince McMahon just doesn’t “see money” in an unnamed WWE superstar, who sources in the company say is Daniel Bryan. Michaels spoke on the Ministry of Slam podcast and said, “I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago with the man in charge and we were talking about a certain individual and he goes, ‘I just don’t see money in him.’ And I said, ‘You said the same thing about me.’ He said, ‘I did not.’ I said, ‘Yes you did!’ (laughs) I said, ‘And it’s okay. It’s just one of those things.’”

Michaels went on to compare the superstar to himself, noting that neither were viewed as quintessential main event-level talent. “I wasn’t your prototypical—heck, I wasn’t anybody’s prototypical main event guy,” he said. “And I knew that. So, you just do your absolute best. Yes, I was very scared and very worried, which had a lot to do with how bad I handled stuff because I spent a great deal of my career waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because it was a very real view of me and my ability and my talent. I’m a firm believer that talent does rise to the top, but you have to be patient. So, I spent a great deal of time worried, intimidated, and concerned that with each passing storyline, it might be the last one.”

Bryan’s standing in the company is considered to be safe, especially since he has a major role on the company’s new E! show Total Divas.

UPDATE: Shawn Michaels has taken to Twitter to deny that Vince was referring to Daniel Bryan.  He tweeted:

“RT:”@BScott12492: Who exactly was the guy in question during you & Vince’s convo?” — I would have said if I thought relevant. Not DB tho.”