Ryback Talks How He Developed His Name, His Physique, & Why WWE Told Him to Not Get a Girlfriend

WWE Superstar Ryback talked to Times of India during a recent promotional tour to Mumbai and discussed his first trip to India, his massive physique, sacrifices he’s made to make it to WWE, and reveals that his first job working with McDonalds taught him so much.  You can read the entire interview by clicking here.  Here are a few excerpts:

How he came up with the name Ryback:

“Ryan was my first name, and when I was a kid, my friends called me Silver Back, which was my first wrestling name too. So, I came up with Ryback, which is my ring name now.”

What he eats to maintain his physique:

“I eat all the time. I eat everything from chicken to steak to egg whites. I’m on the run all the time and if I stop at a restaurant, I order at least two omelettes with chicken. I eat eight to 10 times a day. And I work out for three hours, with yoga and stretching, strength or weight training and conditioning.  Everyone has different genetics, and I come from a larger family. Some people are built skinnier naturally. You just have to eat a lot and then work out.”

Sacrifices he’s made to be a WWE Superstar:

“The WWE told me if I wanted to be the best, the best bet was to stay single and not start a family. I’m a loner and that is what I’ve given up to be what I am. I’ve had girlfriends, but at this point, I have to do what I need to do.