Report: WWE Would Entertain a Hulk Hogan Return to the Company If He Leaves TNA

via WrestleZone:

While no one that we know of has mentioned Hulk Hogan’s controversial comments about how Eric Bischoff should be “given the keys” to the TNA kingdom, several top WWE producers and production personnel have discussed it in the past few days, with the consensus being Hogan and Bischoff have been a poison pill in TNA for quite some time.

“Vince McMahon forgives and forgets, and if he can make a dollar off Hogan in the future, you’ll see the Hulkster back in WWE,” a top production person in WWE told WrestleZone.  “But everyone is buzzing at just how Hogan and Bischoff have all but crippled that company, and have done nothing to get it out of the hole Bruce Prichard dug for the company when he was in Dixie’s ear.”