Report: The Carter Family is “100%” Trying to Sell TNA Wrestling; Bischoff, Jarrett, Viacom, & WWE Bidding?

Credit – Wrestling Observer
Partial Credit – CagesideSeats

With TNA’s failed attempts at a live Monday night show, taking Impact on the road for live Impact broadcasts on Thursday nights, an influx of canceled house shows, and a roster that seems to be getting smaller and smaller by the week, it seems like the Carter Family has finally had enough of the pro wrestling business.

On his radio show today, Dave Meltzer reported that the Carter’s are “100%” trying to sell TNA “to the highest bidder”.   Here’s a short excerpt of Meltzer revealing this info courtesy of Cageside Seats:

“There’s a lot of moves being done behind the scenes. There are, no matter what anyone is gonna say right now, big things behind the scenes as far as the future ownership of the company and at that point God only knows where it goes…. There’s people looking at getting it and I think the Carters are looking to get out. They’ve lost enough money and all that and as far as what that means, who knows? But they’ve been looking to get out for awhile, now everyone is going to scream at me and all that, but that’s a 100%, but that’s the stuff they don’t want you to know…. They’ve been looking to get out when they stopped, you know, when it became incumbent, when they didn’t want to fund them anymore….”

When it comes to potential bidders,  the list could include Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff, Viacom, and, yes, even the WWE.  Jarrett and Bischoff both have a history with the company and may have the connections to gain some sort of a financial backing.  Viacom has already bailed out Bellator to keep them from closing their doors, so they remain a viable candidate.  And, as we learned in the past, never count out Vince McMahon who, no matter what he would like us to believe, would chomp at the bit to gobble up his chief competition, their roster, and their library.

We’ll post more on this as we receive it.