Report: Multiple Last Minute Booking Changes Being “Seriously Considered” For WWE Elimination Chamber

For weeks, there have been rumors that the WWE wasn’t keen on Christian’s involvement in the Elimination Chamber match.  The spot that he received was originally planned for CM Punk.  Now, just hours away from the Chamber match, reports are saying that the WWE may be making a last-minute change.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials are putting serious consideration into removing Christian from the Chamber match in a storyline that would play out tonight.  The same report states flat out that Brock Lesnar would not be the guy to replace Christian if the current plan plays out.  The most likely replacement would seem to be Kane.

Also, earlier today, WWE’s Twitter account teased the possibility of AJ Lee defending her title against Cameron at tonight’s event, but as of this time, it looks like that match will be a last-minute decision.

With just a few hours to go, it seems much of the creative aspect of the card is still up in the air even though the winners are said to already be set in stone.