Report: Monday’s RAW Script Was Re-Written Six Times; One Script Had Triple H Burying Punk

CM Punk WWE Monday Night Raw 800th Tampa

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Credit – Wrestling Observer

As everyone knows by now, this past Monday’s RAW featured the first night that Triple H was “in charge” as well as the returns of John Morrison, Jim Ross and CM Punk.

We noted earlier here on the website that RAW was completely re-written prior to the show going live. In an update on this, there were actually SIX different scripts for RAW that had been circulating throughout the day. One of those scripts had Triple H laying out CM Punk with a pedigree. Of course, that didn’t happen. This just goes to show you how much things change on a daily basis in WWE.

As most would assume, the obvious scenario would be to really push CM Punk to the top considering his recent storyline angle and fan interest. With that being said, most of the RAW scripts were not about having CM Punk go over. They were more about pushing Triple H’s new “authority figure” role. Surprised?!

As noted, the original RAW script called for CM Punk to be attacked by Triple H with a pedigree. Alberto Del Rio would then have come out and cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against John Cena at SummerSlam. This would have put Triple H over as a major heel and then led to a storyline with CM Punk.

Of course, all scripts besides one were scrapped and that’s what you saw on Monday night.