Report: Hulk Hogan Refused to Put Anyone Over or Allow Himself to Be Buried During Final TNA Appearance

We’ve updated you a few times now on Hulk Hogan’s current TNA contract status, but now we have an interesting note that we wanted to share with you as well.  As we reported earlier, Hogan’s TNA contract expired yesterday and today is day one for him as a free agent.  All indications are that TNA would like to keep Hogan if he will come down on his price significantly, but with being 60 years old and WrestleMania XXX around the corner, Hogan is going to have to decide on returning to TNA for less or jumping to WWE for one last big money run.

In regards to this situation, the report mentions:

“Right now, the word is that the sides are still in negotiations and TNA does want him back, and it’s going to come down to both sides agreeing on a price. Because of the John Graziano family lawsuit, Hogan needs money and the feeling is that the only thing that would keep him from signing back with TNA is if they decided to walk away from the deal, or if WWE made him a better offer. With WrestleMania 30 being this year, and Hogan being 60, from a timing standpoint, this may be the right time from a nostalgia standpoint to bring him back for a farewell run.”

And now comes this interesting tidbit courtesy of today’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  Hogan’s last appearance in TNA had him quitting the company with Dixie Carter wrapping her arms around his leg and begging him to stay.  According to the report, this was the only absolute only way that Hogan would agree to be written off of TV/TNA.  Hogan, who has complete creative control over his character, would only sign off on a situation where he left on his own, without putting anyone over, or even allowing TNA to bury him on his way out.  In other words, Hogan was only worried about Hogan and that’s exactly how it all played out during his final TNA appearance.

In regards to whether or not Hogan is actually gone from TNA and not returning, the report offered this interesting take:

“It should be noted that Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s m.o. these days is to do sometimes do fake firings, and leavings (Matt Morgan), and they are more likely to do that now than ever before. It used to be that the goal was to make money. But now, when it seems like that’s impossible, the goal is to fool their critics so they can get satisfaction in the form of intellectual superiority. Those in the company were given the indication it was Hogan’s farewell, so if it is an angle, they are working most of the company.”

Whatever the case, the next 30 days should be pretty telling for Hogan’s future in the business.  He’s struggling financially following his divorce from Linda and the Graziano lawsuit and it’ll be interesting to see how those situations affect negotiations going forward.