Report: AJ Styles Set to Become a Free Agent Next Week; TNA Expected to Cut Pay of Most Wrestlers in 2014

Credit – PWInsider

It’s not just a storyline — AJ Styles really is on his way out of TNA.  Barring a huge swing in negotiations, AJ Styles is set to leave TNA if things do not change before December 16th.

As of right now, however, that doesn’t look like it will happen. Styles and TNA are said to very far apart on money for his new contract.  Styles, who has always been one to look out for the best interests of TNA over his own, has seemingly been at an impasse with TNA over a contract for months.  Just a few months ago, TNA and Styles contract extension talks went down to the wire and concluded with TNA giving Styles a short-term deal to allow him to finish the year.  Now, Styles contract demands are said to be unattainable by TNA officials and it’s expected that Styles will be a free agent in just a few days.

A major concern among TNA is that many of their stars have contracts expiring in the next year.  All (or most) of those stars are expected to re-sign with the company for much less money in order to keep their jobs.  With good-paying pro wrestling jobs being pretty rare outside of the WWE, TNA holds major leverage over its stars in negotiations.  Their feeling is that if they were to give into Styles contract demands, they would then be expected to not cut the pay of other stars who will want to stay with the company.  TNA’s mindset is that everyone will be treated equally and agree to a pay cut or be let go.

Styles has been taking independent bookings for some time right now.  His rumored asking price per show is said to be between $3,000 and $4,000.  Styles also has delayed his UK Q&A tour after TNA’s legal team sent letters to the promoters for the tour to ensure that they were not infringing on any rights that TNA owns.