RAY’S WAY: The WWE Holding a Monopoly on the Wrestling World is Killing the Business (via @RayTheRambler)

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Cut the bullshit, let’s get right to it.

The problem with professional wrestling is the fact WWE are a monopoly. Let’s face it, the only promotion in the world close to WWE is TNA, and they’re light-years away from being on WWE’s level. There is no competition, which is the real problem. WWE can use this as good or for evil. Why? Well who is going to stop them? Nobody.

WWE can take advantage of wrestling fans and more importantly; wrestlers. Look at AW being released as an example. He made one lousy joke about Kobe Bryant and he gets released, yet Vince McMahon can publicly mock JR on LIVE television. Who can do something about this? Nobody.

Pro Wrestling is not like a sport. It is a business. Sure wrestlers are athletes in their own respect, but all in all it is a business. WWE own all the big ‘players’, the greater amount of them.

WWE own everything. They own copyrights to every memorable moment in the history of the business. These memories can’t be seeing on TV without WWE getting compensated for it, unless it’s on WWE TV.

The WWE Network will eventually be available, and it will feature wrestling clips from the 60′s to now. Why? Because they OWN them. It’s all copyrighted to WWE. No other show can feature this. So basically, WWE owns wrestling’s  history, present and future.

WWE are a global phenomenon, just like they say on their shows; and they’re 100% correct. Why? Because of us. The fans. We complain about it often enough, yet we still watch it. Why? Because we’re hooked and there isn’t many alternatives to watch wrestling.

WWE is a ‘castle’ with an unstoppable amount of protection. Nobody can touch them. It will stand the test of time, just like Coca Cola will.

But WHY are WWE a monopoly? Because of Vince McMahon and his business sense. He’s very smart. He could be a lot richer if he had better business people surrounding him IMO. Vince bought his competition and nobody could do anything about it. Which is very sickening.

These men in tights are business men. No matter what way you look at it. Take Rey Mysterio – Their Mexican hero, they now have a huge market in Mexico. John Cena – Their young audiences’ superman. Before him; Hulk Hogan. The Great Khali – The Indian superman.  Santino Marella – The Milan miracle, which is exactly what he is. Hornswoggle – Do I need to explain?? Then there is guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton who make the shows interesting. Then guys like Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Undertaker who are star power and you will buy PPV’s because of their star power. They are larger than life characters.

Because of all this, it leads to the disadvantages to us, the fans.

  • WWE are being less innovative, creative etc.. why? Because they own the business. There is nobody there to force them to be better.
  • Inefficiency. Because WWE own the business, they can afford to be inefficient. How? By raising the price up of their tickets, travel packages etc.. Nobody is forcing them to drop the prices. Because there is NO COMPETITION. 
  • We wrestling fans really haven’t got a choice, do we? That’s the fucking problem.
  • The only wrestling show I can get without hassle in my living room is WWE. I can get TNA but 3 days after it airs in the US. It’s hard to watch Indy promotions online without paying for them. Which I don’t blame. I know you can get free stuff but I just like to watch wrestling on my full HD television. It’s comfort and it doesn’t ware out your eyes.

And do you want to know why WWE doesn’t advertise on TV as much anymore? BECAUSE THEY DON’T FUCKING HAVE TO. But WWE are using this to their disadvantage. What they should be doing with their savings is giving us lower PPV prices, but do they? NOPE. They use it as their advantage because they can. They own the business. There is nobody there to force prices down.

And guys, that is the truth.

That’s all I have to say. If you got thoughts, let me know. Thanks for reading.

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