RAY’S WAY: Four Big Problems With a Three Hour Monday Night RAW (via @RayTheRambler)

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WWE Raw this past Monday was a great show overall. They have good things going for them and they have us captivated by us wanting to know ‘what happens next?!’. They have finally given the ball to CM Punk and he seems to be running with it quite well thus far. The AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan storyline is also a storyline we can look forward to each week. WWE are using their third hour well, but it could be better. Here are four problems with it that I would like to address.

Lack of Wrestling

For a 3 hour wrestling show there were just 56 minutes of wrestling this week on Raw. Now that is not enough. With the extra hour I think WWE should have at least 90 minutes of wrestling. This has got  to be most important part of the show and it doesn’t feel like wrestling matters at all with WWE anymore. WWE would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for quality wrestling matches, so they really should feature more or longer matches. The matches they had this week were good and I was really in to them but felt they ended too sudden. They should give us at least two fifteen minute matches and two ten minute matches then work around the rest.

48 minutes of Commercials

This bothers and it doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t bother me as 80% of the time I watch Raw is through my DVR so all I have to do is skip the commercials. It bothers me as it’s practically one third of Raw. It’s sad, one third of a 3 hour ‘sports’ show is dedicated to commercials. I do not know what way commercials work across seas but I know in the UK when a LIVE sport is on it takes up only around one fifth of the show. This has got to stop, it must really piss off paying fans in the arena to wait around that long when nothing is happening. Now I know WWE wouldn’t be on the air if it wasn’t for commercials but if they had less, maybe more people would watch it LIVE.

Recall Promos

There is too many recall promos, or recap promos. I’m going to call them recall promos. Sounds better IMO. Two Brock/HHH recall promos aired twice last Monday, each being about 4-5 minutes long. Is that necessary? I know WWE want to make sure we are hyped up for it and all that but come on, no need to shove in down our throats. All I can say is; thank God for Sky+ (DVR).

Diva’s division

Quite frankly, I don’t really care for it at all at the moment. I’m not a smark or anything but ever since Trish left WWE, the whole division began to get less and less interesting to me. Trish was a huge void that was never filled with the Diva’s division. They had Mickie James, Gael Kim, Kharma but WWE really dropped the ball with them. They now have Beth, Natalya and more who are good but refuse to use them. But my biggest problem is I have no desire to watch them and that’s probably because I don’t know who their characters are. To me, they’re just a bunch or barbie dolls. I know they are more than that but I am not connected with them. All WWE Diva’s are the same, there is nothing different from one to another. AJ lee and Eve are an exception because they’re in storylines with the likes of Cena and Punk which automatically makes them interesting.

I just want you all to know I’m not annoyed or disappointed with Raw this week, I just think WWE need to apply some changes so the extra hour doesn’t get stale or unbearable in the near future. I think you all can agree with me on that.

I cannot say more about the third hour of Raw as it’s really only been one show with the regulars. However I can comment on what I loved about this weeks Raw. The AJ/Bryan storyline has really caught my interest and I look forward to seeing what will happen next week. Bringing Kane in was interesting and perhaps he’ll fight Bryan at SummerSlam on behalf of Sheen with Sheen in his corner? Who knows, we’ll have to find out in the upcoming weeks. CM Punk/Cena/Show all featured well and I’m glad Show is involved with the WWE title at SummerSlam, the chances of Punk retaining are greater as it’s not only Cena that has to lose. I love the way WWE are slowly turning Punk heel, or are they? That’s the question on everyone’s mind and we can ramble all we want about it, but we will not find out unless we tune in to Raw every week. There is a new buzz about Raw which I really like.

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