NAWC Episode 298: A Smashing Pumpkin Possibly Buying TNA? Brett Clendaniel Joins Us With Details!!!

On a busy edition of the NAWC presented by, host Nikki Heyman is joined by Jason Block, Brian Henegar, “Stat Boy” Josh Henninger and Carl Chenier to discuss among other things the fallout from Hell in a Cell and RAW, the latest corporate financial information from Titan Tower, the release of the WWE 2K14 video game and the latest in the saga of TNA’s pending (?) sale.

And just as things were winding down in our late Friday night recording, WrestleChat’s own Brett Clendaniel, Jr. breaks into the studio (We gave him a key…what can I say, folks.) with breaking news in regards to a possible buyer for TNA Impact Wrestling…a most unlikely name from the music world.

Listen in to this week’s infotaining and newsworthy podcast HERE.