More Details Emerge on Why Daniel Bryan & CM Punk Are Feuding With The Wyatt Family

Credit – PWInsider

To most, The Wyatt Family’s sudden feud with both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk has been a bit out of nowhere.  We reported a little on this on Tuesday on why the feud was happening, but now we have a few more details.

The original RAW script for this pasty Monday’s episode actually had Bryan & Punk starting a feud with The Shield.  The change to The Wyatt Family was something was changed just hours before the show.

The change was made because of how high backstage officials currently are on Bray Wyatt.  Wyatt works hard and officials are enamored with his character.  The WWE feels a bit regretful with how Bray has been booked thus far.  They feel as if his competition has been a bit weak up to this point and they’re simply looking to elevate him a bit more.  The obvious feeling is that pairing Wyatt with Punk and Bryan will do the trick to get home over with fans.