Michael Tarver talks more about John Cena

John Cena as World Heavyweight Champion

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Former WWE Superstar Tyrone “Michael Tarver” Evans of Nexus fame has went on his Twitter and posted more comments about John Cena. Here’s the latest:

“Thanx for the tweets but I dont hate cena I learned alot from him in ring and behind the scenes ALOT behind the scenes but ,,,,,,,

no lol I was fine with that it was a ppv when he hit myself and otunga with miltiple chair shots that we didnt know were coming and one was aimed for my head so I out my arm up to protect myself and the chair caught my arm and fractured it but I kept working if you notice the raw when the nexus had a guantlet against cena I had alot more tape on my left arm because it was fractured and I didnt know it yet for sure along with a slew of injuries I was working on but im a machine.

john cena is a superstar and a work horse for wwe ,just not a very good person lol”