Major Booking Plans For The Wyatt Family, CM Punk, & Daniel Bryan Revealed; Who is “The Devil”?

As seen on last night’s RAW, The Wyatt Family is about see a major increase in competition.

The Wyatt Family went out of their way to attack both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in separate segments of the show.  Following both beatings, Bray Wyatt loudly proclaimed, “the devil made me do it.”  These segments were not meant in any way to bury either Punk or Bryan, but rather to begin elevating The Wyatt’s into another level.  Fans were specifically unhappy with the attack on Bryan, but sources say that the beating he took was only to show that he’s done with the WWE Title picture for now.

With that said, a four-on-four Survivor Series match is being planned for the next pay-per-view with Bryan, Punk, and two other Superstars versus The Wyatt family and one other Superstar.

That fourth Superstar teaming with The Wyatt’s may end up being the person they’re referring to as “the devil”.  Kane is one name being mentioned as a possible candidate to fill that role.  Triple H is also being considered as a teammate for The Wyatt’s to continue his feud with Daniel Bryan as well.