Luke Hawx Says He’s Done With Extreme Rising Unless They Give Him His Back Pay & Shane Douglas Leaves

Wildkat owner and former Extreme Rising star Luke Hawx took to his Facebook page to answer the most popular question he’s received recently – Will you be appearing at the next show for the newly-repackaged Extreme Rising promotion?  His answer – unless they pay me my back money and Shane Douglas isn’t involved, nope.

Hawx put the following response on his facebook:

“For the Extreme Rising/Reunion fans: Over the last couple of weeks I have had plenty of emails asking if I will be a part of the Dec.28th show….. My answer: Steve O’Neill has contacted me but we haven’t talked business. The reason is I am still owed a good chunk of money from the Pittsburgh show. Only way I would do the show is if Im paid what I am owed and Shane Douglas is not involved! Shane is the reason they had the problems in the 1st place. I like Steve but doesn’t take away from the fact that I was screwed over on money and as a family man with 2 kids,wrestling is how I pay my bills,I don’t work a regular job so when I wasn’t paid it really put me behind. Steve assured me it would be fixed but I haven’t received a penny yet. Therefore, if im paid ahead of time then Steve and I can talk business….. If not, I wont be there!”