Larry Zbyszko: “Half the Guys Wrestling [in TNA] Are on Food Stamps”; Talks Relationship With WWE

Credit – Ringside News

Larry Zbyszko sat down with Steve and Scum of WGD Weekly to talk TNA, Vince McMahon, WWE, & more. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking here.  Here are a few excerpts courtesy of Ringside News:

On the financial state of TNA:

“They just made wrong decisions…from what I hear, Bob Carter…he had a hard time saying no to his daughter, Dixie…Finally, they blew so much money with no real results after ten years that Bob resigned and I think the mother took over and she is controlling the purse…From what I hear…this guy is now fired, this guy is now fired and if you wanna stay there you get a pay cut. Half the guys wrestling there are on food stamps. I was shocked when I heard that one…”

On his relationship with and thoughts on Vince McMahon since once again working on occasion with WWE:

“I haven’t bumped into Vince…I’ve been doing some things, like at ‘Mania, but I was running around doing Axxess, and signings, and filming DVD’s…when they tape the NXT shows they film that right down the street here…but, I haven’t bumped into Vince yet. I haven’t seen him since 1981. I can’t wait to see him, it will be very nostalgic…He looks great, between you and me, he’s one of the best characters he’s got…Vince is a classic, he would die for his creation and his fans, you can’t take that away from him…”

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