Jim Ross Finds the “Outlandish” Idea That He Buys TNA as “Laughable For So Many Reasons”

“Hey, I wonder if Jim Ross would be interested in buying TNA.”  That’s the question that some wrestling fans have asked themselves, and apparently Ross himself, in the last week.  Ross responded to those questions in his latest blog entry. Ross wrote:

“The most outlandish Tweets @JRsBBQ that I receive are those suggesting that I actually buy TNA which is laughable for many reasons. That question isn’t remotely in any game plan that I could ever imagine.”

“Can’t tell you how many hits I get especially over the past week or so regarding the rumored for sale sign at TNA Wrestling. I have no solid validation that their company is or isn’t for sale and it certainly isn’t any of my business. I am interested only because I have many friends who work there and I wish them all the very best in the future.”