Jeff Jarrett: TNA to “Change How The Company Does Business”


TNA founder Jeff Jarrett told Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald that the company learned from their brief move to Monday nights. “We’ve listened to our fans,” Jarrett said. “We’ve listened to our focus groups. We’ve listened to numbers, and we would never have gotten to where we are today had we not tried that experiment.

“The mistake would be not learning from that experiment. We are about to take another step and change on how the company does business. We don’t want to sit back and rest on our accomplishments. We are always trying and always pushing ourselves not just talent in the ring, but all facets of our business.”

Jarrett was also asked about cost-cutting measures such as roster cuts. “We run a business and in the business of making money,” said Jarrett. “So what needs to be done needs to be done in order for us to be in business.” To read the full interview, visit

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