Is TNA Going Out of Business? New Report Suggests Carter Family Could Sell the Company

Is TNA in danger of going out of business?

It’s a question that’s asked and discussed all over social media and pro wrestling message boards.  The company has reportedly run out of money.  They’ve cut all house shows for the month of October and are only running three events – two TV Tapings and the “Bound for Glory” pay-per-view.  For the month of November, only six events are scheduled for the entire month.  The reason for this is because TNA live events are no longer profitable and are actually costing the company money.  Add this to all of the talent released for budget constraints and you have a company in financial ruins.

So, back to our original question – Is TNA in danger is closing up shop?  According to The Wrestling Observer, there is an underlying feeling that the company will survive somehow.  The main reason that they cite is that SpikeTV simply won’t want to lose the product.  They also speculate that the Carter family would rather sell the company to make some money back as opposed to closing the doors on it for good.

Looking ahead to 2014, many questions loom around the future of the company.  Will the Carter family sell TNA?  If so, who would be willing to purchase a company that is currently a money pit?  Will more roster cuts be made?  Will Impact remain on the road or go back to one set location?

Whatever the case, it seems that the answer to the original question is that the company is, indeed, in danger of closing if significant changes are not made very, very soon.  The Carter family selling the company very well likely may be step one.