Indy Promoter Defends Dawn Marie & Her Agent; Says “Wrestlers Rescue” Has Helped Many

UWE booking agent Adam J. Loncar sent us this following statement regarding The Blue Meanie and Kamala’s recent statements about Dawn Marie and Wrestler’s Rescue:

“The Blue Meanie can question Dawn’s proof all he wants, but the fact is she is telling the truth. Wrestler’s Rescue’s first campaign this year was for Jimmy Snuka. The UWE (ran by Sage Strong) helped collect over 200 used cell phones for Wrestler’s Rescue to help raise money for Snuka. I personally took the cell phones down to Dawn’s house myself, and received a phone call from Snuka himself, thanking me and the UWE wrestler’s for our efforts. The Snuka campaign just ended in May/June of this year, and the Kamala campaign didn’t even start until late June. The UWE gave another box of over 200 cell phones to Dawn Marie again to raise money for Kamala on July 21st. She probably hasn’t even had time yet to exchange the phones for cash, which means she is taking $500 of her own personal money to help Kamala out. When Kamala received the check, he said he wouldn not make another video retracting his previous statements. He opted not to accept the check because it wasn’t sent out fast enough? Well no one has donated anything until up to 3 weeks ago! How fast do you want it or are you just greedy Kamala? The Wrestler’s Rescue site is down right now because there’s no money going into it to keep running.”