DDP Responds to Irate Fans Who Have Not Received Promised Perks For Donating to Hall & Roberts Indiegogo Campaigns

Diamond Dallas Page has taken to his YouTube account to address concerns that the Indiegogo campaigns launched earlier in the year to assist Scott Hall and Jake Roberts in their recovery was a way for The Accountability Crib to “screw the fans”.  This comes after reports of many fans complaining that they still have not gotten the perks promised for donating, including copies of DVD’s and personal phone calls from Hall and Roberts.  DDP said:

“A lot of you have been following the journey that Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, and I have taken over the last year. Everyone told me I was nuts… I was crazy… They told me they couldn’t be helped. But they both turned their lives around at The Accountability Crib in less than a year and I have to tell you so much of that credit goes out to YOU the fans who helped. I have to credit many of you for helping us turn my brothers around, because they honestly didn’t think anyone cared about them anymore.

To those of you who have supported Jake and Scott on this journey, Thank YOU. You have made more of a difference than you will ever know my friends.

To those who have been negative or critical of the fundraising campaigns created for Jake and Scott – normally I’ll just let this sh*t slide, but I wanted to at least respond to the accusation that we are “screwing fans over”.

Come on Guys… Seriously… this whole year has been about getting Jake and Scott back! The Indiegogo stuff was something we’ve never done before, and it was so pivotal in their comeback because it help them get out of pain… it was never a money-making scheme. My company nor I receive a dime of that money for anything… Every cent was given to my brothers to pay bills and bills and get them on their feet. To be honest we never expected such a response from the fans, and believe me getting the perks organized and fulfilled was a MASSIVE undertaking!

If you donated, regardless of whether you’ve received your perk yet – you should be so proud of what you have helped them accomplish this year!

The intention has always been to fulfill all the perks for Indiegogo. We’ve done our best to help Jake and Scott organize their perks, and we continue to try to help them take care of anyone we’ve missed. As far as those who paid for a copy of the documentary we’re doing, it’s gonna take some time… we haven’t reach the end of the film and I have no idea right now when that is and then we have to edit the film ect ect ect… so just be patient.

Please try to focus on the great things accomplished this year and keep in mind our focus was always helping my brothers and inspiring others in the process.

Now I shouldn’t have to say this because if you helped these guys out… YOU are Fans and if you are Fans you know none of us take any sh*t from anyone… it’s one of the reasons you LOVED Jake and Scott… So if you’re rude to Jake or Scott online, be prepared for a STIFF response. When I hear Jake or Scott was rude to someone online I usually have to laugh…DID YOU THINK THESE GUYS WERE ANGELS?! HA! I DON’T THINK SO… Oh yeah Again that’s one of the key reasons YOU love them to begin with…That being said they are thankful for all the support and they are doing their best on their road to recovery. Which Btw is just that… A ROAD TO RECOVERY and remember who you are talking to, and don’t be surprised if you get a negative response if you accuse them of doing something wrong. Believe me, they’ve spent hours signing photos, making phone calls and even learning what in the world Skype is. And remember…I have little control over how they handle themselves on Social Media. Not to mention that they have both moved out of The Crib and are on their own right now… So I think they are doing AF*ckingMazing … They are both filled with positive energy and constantly giving back… I couldn’t be any Prouder of both my brothers… If YOU donated I know that’s what YOU really wanted all along Right? For one of YOUR childhood hero’s to get back to their Glory… Right? Well their both doing just that… They have gotten back… Their Hope… Their children… Their Lives and YOU had a lot to due with that… YOU the Fans who reached out and helped out…

So again Please be patient we’re wrestlers… the same guys you grew up with just little older… we’re not accountants or fundraisers… We’re doing our best and we will get it done.

If you feel like you’re perk got missed in the shuffle we can fix that, you can fill out this form and we will match our records and get it over to Jake and Scott so you can get your perk out as quickly as possible… Just be patient 
Missing Perk form