Hulk Hogan Makes Shocking Statements About Edge Retiring

Hulk Hogan has won the dubious award a record ...

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Hulk Hogan posted the following on his Twitter page regarding Edge’s retirement:

“if any of the guys like me,Flair,Hardy,Andre,AA,Blanchard,orndoff,Henning would have listened to doctors we would have quit15yrsago. but I don’t know Edges working environment because they are a media company not a wrestling company. HH”

“wrestlers work hurt! What about Foley! I bet EDGE still wants to keep wrestling,he’s one of the boys big time!!! HH”

Hulk Hogan ended up getting some negative feedback regarding the tweets he posted regarding Edge’s retirement (which we posted earlier).   In response to this, Hogan posted the following:
“I’m not saying anything bad about Edge but he’s a real wrestler,Stone Cold and Cena had neck surgery and u couldn’t stop em,Or Edge it’s in Edges blood,he lives for this business he’s a real wrestler,he a lifer,he’s one of the real boys,he’s hard to hold down,that’s all. HH”