Hulk Hogan is the Reason Robert Roode Didn’t Win the TNA Championship at “Bound for Glory”

Hulk Hogan has won the dubious award a record ...

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Credit – PWInsider

The original plan for the PPV was for Bobby Roode to defeat Kurt Angle for the TNA championship to close the PPV. The story going around was that yesterday afternoon, Hulk Hogan lobbied to have the finish change, feeling that Roode wasn’t ready for a run with the title. So, the finish was changed.

Between that and the AJ Styles stuff in the last few days, there was a lot of resentment towards Hogan among the long time members of the roster. The resentment was especially at a high because Hogan was ripping on Styles on Twitter when everyone knew Styles had missed the TNA Fan Interaction event due to a death in the family.