Huge Update on Hulk Hogan; Is He Finished in TNA? Is He Eyeing a Huge WWE Opponent For One More Match?

As seen on last night’s episode of TNA Impact, TNA shot a potentially major angle where Hulk Hogan “quit” TNA out of disgust of Dixie Carter’s new direction.  At the conclusion of the segment, we saw Dixie wrap her arms around Hogan’s leg to prevent him from leaving.

There was a ton of truth to that segment with Hogan’s contract set to expire in just 4 days on October 1st, 2013.  Last night’s appearance was Hogan’s last scheduled televised date under this contract.  While talks have been ongoing for some time, they are nowhere close to a deal.  Hogan reportedly makes $30,000 per appearance and with TNA’s many recent budget cuts, they are open to signing Hogan to a contract but only with a major pay cut.  This pay cut is something that Hogan isn’t interested in.

To add to all of this, Hogan has been telling many people in his inner circle that he really would like to wrap up his career where it all started – back in the WWE.  Hogan even believes that he has one big-money match left in him and has been eyeing a match against John Cena for some time.  Whether or not he can actually do it is unknown, but Hogan and the WWE have remained on friendly terms and surely the WWE would entertain bringing the biggest name in wrestling history back to where he began.