WWE Said to be “Extremely Worried” About Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX; Original Plans Revealed

Credit – Wrestling Observer

The newest issue of the Wrestling Observer has two pretty interesting tidbits regarding Brock Lesnar.

There is some serious concern about the planned WrestleMania XXX match between Lesnar and The Undertaker due to Brock’s very physical in-ring style.  Furthermore, Taker is said to be in less-than-tip-top condition at the moment.  Another worry is that the people who have faced Taker at a WrestleMania in recent years have taken the time to secretly work out with him ahead of time to rehearse the match.  With Brock working a very limited schedule, there’s many who worry whether or not Lesnar is willing to do this.  These reasons are why there is many backstage who would still prefer to see the Undertaker work WrestleMania XXX against Sheamus.

Another interesting tidbit from the Observer is that the WWE’s original plans called for Lesnar vs Big Show at Royal Rumble.  Obviously those plans changed in recent weeks, but the hope was that Big Show would come out of his feud with The Authority looking very strong.  That push would have parlayed him into the Rumble match with Brock.  The idea behind this is that Brock would go over, thus looking much stronger heading into a possible WrestleMania XXX match against the Undertaker.