Eric Bischoff gloats about poor Ultimate Fighter ratings & more

Last week’s episode of UFC’s Ultimate Fighter series on FX averaged approximately 950,000 viewers, the lowest number in the seven-year history of the show and more than 400,000 less than last month’s network debut. TNA Wrestling executive producer Eric Bischoff gloated over the program’s ratings struggles via Facebook, stating Impact Wrestling draws 500,000 more viewers with a much smaller budget.

“Think we came close to hitting these numbers with a couple episodes of ReAction at 11pm on Spike,” Bischoff said of the record-low Ultimate Fighter rating. “Tons of promotion on Fox and FX, a budget 3x bigger than Impact and 500,000 less viewers? Impact has a larger audience than ever, and is going to have a great season with new elements following Lockdown. Can’t wait!”

Bischoff responded to a critical remark on Twitter saying he shouldn’t knock Ultimate Fighter when he has only come up with “one good idea” in his entire career—the NWO.

“Not knocking friend. Love the show. It is what it is and says more about Impact than anything. Get a grip mark,” Bischoff wrote. “And by the way, our prod. company has produced 9 different series on 8 diff. networks since we have been at TNA. One good idea?”