Dolph Ziggler Suffers His Second Serious Concussion in 8 Months After a Botched Ryback Clothesline is reporting that Dolph Ziggler suffered a concussion during a match with Ryback taped for WWE “Superstars” prior to last night’s RAW.  According to fan reports, the concussion came following a stiff clothesline from Ryback. posted:

“Unfortunately Dolph sustained a concussion during his match on the clothesline given to him by Ryback,” said WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. “We were able to evaluate him in the ring; he was having some confusion and disorientation. We took him back to the training room and confirmed a concussion. He’s currently feeling better but we’ll proceed with ImPACT testing and further evaluation to determine when we can get him back in the ring.”

Ziggler last suffered a serious concussion at the May 7th, 2013 Smackdown tapings, just days after winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  That concussion was serious enough to put Dolph on the shelf for over a month.  In a July interview with The Carroll County Times, Ziggler described the seriousness of the concussion he suffered:

“I had a bad headache for a solid two weeks afterwards. I was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia which meant I ended up losing a day and a half, two days of my memory instantly, even though when the incident happened, there was like five more minutes of match that I went through and actually executed very well.”

One has to wonder how long this concussion will keep Ziggler on the shelf. Maybe he bounces right back, but in most sports, athletes who have multiple concussions tend to increase their time away with each one.

We’ll update more as we receive it.