Dixie Carter Begins Answering Her #AskDixie Questions; Addresses All the MMA Stars in TNA

via ImpactWrestling.com:

Thanks for your questions this week. I chose a few, at random, to answer. More to come next week!

From: @XXRandomPersonX
@PhilipHunn1 @pipebomb1991 It is frustrating I know but I guess hang in and @TNADixie know what we want to see without hurtful comments

A. I have no problem with negative comments or constructive criticism, but the outrageous posts and bad language are a totally a different thing … especially with so many children paying attention on social media.

From: @ACorsair21
@TNADixie, it is blatantly obvious you are making or encouraging your roster to tweet about Rampage. I’m here to help when you’re ready #TNA

A. It’s very important for TNA talent to support each other and their individual separate projects outside of wrestling. They’ve supported EY with his Animal Planet show, Mickie James with her music, Gail Kim with her wedding TV special, etc. I think it’s great that we all support each other!

From: @T33GY813
@KingMoFH @jman61828 @TNADixie Rampage joining TNA def over shadowed King Mo joining.  Rampage is on TV In a storyline where’s King Mo?

A. We underestimated how long it would take Mo to recover from the complications he had following surgery.  By the time he was cleared to wrestle, he had to start training for his upcoming fights.  Rampage will fight a few major PPV events for Bellator, while King Mo is fighting more frequently in the tournaments. Hopefully, Mo will start training again right after his title fight, and we will see him in the ring soon.

From: @legendkiller855
@TNADixie quit bringing in all these MMA fighters. Your a wrestling company not the UFC.

A. People forget that King Mo is a wrestler, first and foremost. He won multiple medals (several gold medals) in The World Cup, Pan American Championships and US Championships, and a Division I All American.  Rampage began his career as a wrestler, too.  Rampage is a film star — both have big personalities, successful MMA careers and substantial national media attention within the sports world. They’ve never worked for our competitor , and they both want to do whatever it takes to dominate professional wrestling.  I’m open to anyone who fits that bill.  And, the fact that  Bellator CEO Björn Rebney and I  can work together and cross-promote is a great added benefit for Impact exposure outside of wrestling.

From: @WeirdyBeardyDMC
@TNADixie Do you look for wrestlers from all different countries?

A. Absolutely! As a matter of fact, right now we are looking closely at several wrestlers to be on IMPACT from countries that have never been represented on the show before. Stay tuned!

From @scottm1991
@HulkHogan @TNADixie when will we see information about fan interaction on the uk tour? @IMPACTWRESTLING @IMPACTOnTour

A. Glad you’re excited for it! Our UK promoters will announce details for Fan InterAction this month, and you will hear from me beforehand on ways to get a jump on being the first to purchase tickets.

@TNADixie will there ever be another tna video game for ps3 Xbox etc and is there any chance you could sign Bill Goldberg?

A. I hope so! Our first game sold over one million copies worldwide. We are hopeful we’ll find the right partner for another video game soon. And regarding Bill, he is a great talent.  We would love to work with him one day.

From: @BigDawg801
@JeremyBorash We need the IMPACT Wrestling PodCast to be a permanent fixture! Enjoying it very much! @TNADixie @hemmepowered #TNA

A. So glad to hear it! We’ve had great response to the podcasts and hope to make them a regular, weekly event.