Dave Coulier, AKA Joey Gladstone From “Full House”, Talks His Stint as Chikara Commish

Dave Coulier, best known as Joey from the popular 90′s sitcom “Full House”, joined Jonathan Ragus and Jim Williams of 24/7 Sports Hub Radio today.  Dave discussed tons of things about his hockey career, charity events, TV work, and, yes, even pro wrestling.

“The kinda made me the commissioner.  They sent me an e-mail and said, ‘hey, by the way, you’re the commissioner’ and so, I said ‘sounds good’.  I never actually officially did anything, but it was just one of those strange things.  It just happened.”

Once told that he actually followed up Bob Saget as a Chikara commish,  Coulier was asked asked if he ever actually even seen a match from Chikara, but he said, “I have not..but I probably should.”  

You can listen to the show below: