Dave Batista Signs on For Big Role on New Marvel Studios Film “Guardians of the Galaxy”


via PWInsider:

Former WWE World champion Dave Bautista has officially signed on for Marvel Studios’ feature film adaptation of their intergalactic comic book “Guardians of the Galaxy” for the role of Drax.

In the comics, Drax is a former human who was transformed into a being of extreme power to avenge the death of his family at the hands of malevolent cosmic God Thanos, who is obsessed with destroying all life to bring him close to the physical, female embodiment of Death, who he is in love with.

Thanos was introduced at the end of Marvel Studios’ “The Avengers” as a way to open the door towards telling more stories in the intergalactic, cosmic realm of their cinematic universe. Guardians of the Galaxy will continue that direction.

Batista has done a number of film and TV roles since leaving WWE, including most recently the “Man with the Iron Fists.”

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