Daniel Bryan Opens Up in Interview on His Current Run, John Cena, & Being “Too Small” to Be WWE Champion

Sky Sports recently spoke to Daniel Bryan. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Winning the WWE Championship It would be incredible. That is every kid’s dream. They grow up wanting to be a WWE Superstar and to be the WWE Champion, winning it at something like SummerSlam. I grew up watching SummerSlam and some of my favourite matches ever have been on SummerSlam; Bret Hart wrestling Davey Boy Smith in ’92 and Shaun Michaels wrestling Vader in ’96. SummerSlam has been home to some of the greatest main events in WWE history and I’m looking forward to being part of that tradition.

Feeling under pressure to live up to great matches of the past: You know what? I don’t. I’m just really excited. I’m confident in my abilities and also I’m very interested to see how the WWE Universe reacts to me against Cena. It should be a very interesting dynamic!

His current momentum: I do feel like I have a lot of momentum. I feel I have really hit a groove as far as wrestling goes and I’m in a groove right now where everything feels natural. That’s very important for me because I love wrestling and what I do in the ring. The skills are always there, but sometimes it just clicks between what you do and the way the audience reacts. That’s definitely there right now.

Thoughts on John Cena I really do respect him. We did 219 WWE live events last year and most of those are untelevised and in most of those shows when Cena is on he’s the main event. He goes out there and works his butt off and he does it against the big boys, wrestling for 20 minutes against Ryback or Mark Henry or Big Show. He goes out there night after night and has to end the show on a high note – and for the most part, every night he does it. I have a tremendous amount of respect for a guy who’s been able to do that for the last 10 years.

Being “too small” to be WWE Champion I don’t think there is a right size or a right image. I feel like if there’s somebody who captures the minds of the WWE Universe then they should be given an opportunity. I’m not saying that I’ll succeed, all I’m saying is that if you give me an opportunity to go out there and try my best and do what I do best then we’ll see what happens. I’ve never asked to be given anything, so let me go out there and prove that I belong there. I’ll go out and prove that I can do it.