COLUMN: The Debut of a Superstar: A Less Than Perfect Start For Curtis Axel

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The Debut of a Superstar: A Less Than Perfect Start For Curtis Axel

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A little over a month ago WWE added a third “Paul Heyman Guy” for Heyman to manage. The speculation was widespread and many believed it would be RVD. WWE surprised many fans when Curtis Axel debuted to be Paul Heyman’s third client. WWE selected Curtis Axel for two reasons. Either Paul Heyman would create another top star or he would fall flat on his face.

If you know anything about Paul Heyman and WWE, you’d know that Heyman is not thought of highly within the McMahon family. So what could go wrong? Either way is a win for Vince. Being that we are only a month into Axel’s debut, we still do not know which way Axel is going (to the top or fall flat).

Although we have realized one thing, the WWE has no idea what to do with Axel. First, he defeats top stars by count out. Second, he’s thrown into the IC title match less than a week before the PPV and wins the title. Now Axel is facing The Miz and Barrett in hard-fought matches. But didn’t he beat the WWE Champion? Didn’t he beat Triple H? Why does he get dropped to the IC title and not the WWE Championship? Simple… WWE is still wondering what to do. Expect this push to last awhile.

I do not want to confuse the readers, although this column is titled “The Debut of a Superstar” and I spent the bulk discussing Curtis Axel, the two have nothing to do with each other. You just read the debut of the real superstar and it’s just a matter of time before you call yourself a Nick Buzzelli Guy.

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