Colt Cabana Says He Has a Tryout Date With the WWE For Announcing Gig…And Then Denies It

In the latest edition of the “Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast”, Colt Cabana revealed that he has a tryout date with the WWE to head down to NXT to tryout for an announcing gig once again.

Cabana has long been rumored to be on his way to WWE and has received multiple tryouts.  Cabana had a brief run in WWE in 2008 as Scotty Goldman before heading down to FCW, WWE’s Developmental TV series at the time, as an announcer before being “Future Endeavored” in 2009.  The WWE has since courted him after his appearance in the extremely popular CM Punk “Best in the World” documentary but eventually decided against hiring him.

Cabana took to Twitter to dispute the rumors by tweeting:

“No WWE for me. They’ve “courted me” for over a year about an announcing gig. I’m sure they will now detract it. I’m a PODCASTER!”