CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper & Eric Rowan of The Wyatt Family Added to WWE “Survivor Series” Card


After repeatedly suffering sneak attacks at the hands of The Wyatt Family, CM Punk & Daniel Bryan will battle Bray Wyatt’s dangerous disciples, Luke Harper & Eric Rowan, at Survivor Series on Sunday, Nov. 24.

The intriguing matchup pits four of WWE’s most dynamic and relentlessly physical competitors in the same ring and, at the same time, may just shed some light on why The Eater of Worlds has made enemies of the popular Superstars.

Punk and Bryan’s trouble with the sinister trio began weeks ago on Raw when Wyatt spearheaded two separate — and seemingly random — assaults. First, The Wyatts sent WWE’s “Yes!” man to the hospital with a vicious beating backstage. Then, the clan targeted The Best in the World the same night, downing an outnumbered Punk in the ring. The ever-cryptic Wyatt took little responsibility for his team’s actions, instead insisting the “devil” made him do it. But who exactly is this devil in question?

Subsequent attacks, however, have proven less successful. Chair in hand, a still-bandaged Bryan rescued The Second City Saint from another blitz by the backwoods brawlers on the Nov. 4 Raw. Later that week on SmackDown, Punk returned the favor, aiding The Beard after Wyatt and Rowan interrupted his match against Harper.

Since the onslaughts began, the WWE Universe has gained precious little clarity on Wyatt’s endgame. Regardless of their motivation, the Family is now left to face WWE’s all-star pairing at the 27th annual Survivor Series — a tent-pole event that boasts a long history of dream teams such as Punk & Bryan.

Though The Straight Edge Superstar is quick to proclaim himself a “lone wolf,” he and Bryan have more in common than either Superstar might freely admit. Both competitors spent years honing their craft around the globe before arriving in WWE, and both Superstars — with eight combined World Championships between them — have ascended to the top of WWE despite the objections of company brass. Now, a common enemy in the form of The Wyatt Family rounds out their list of similarities, creating a very dangerous tandem to be sure.

Whether their shared disdain for the creepy faction will be enough to topple Bray Wyatt’s brutish monsters remains to be seen. Since their arrival, the towering henchmen have forged an incredible path of destruction, and Harper has given both Bryan and Punk tough challenges in singles competition. What will happen when it’s an all-out two-on-two war at WWE’s fall classic? Find out by watching Survivor Series, which airs live on pay-per-view Sunday, Nov. 24, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.