BREAKING: National Pro Wrestling Day on 2/2/13 in Philadelphia Venue Moved

I received word this morning from two sources connected with the event, that the huge National Pro Wrestling Day event that is set to take place this Saturday, 2/2/13 at Derby Ink Gardens in Philadelphia is moving to a new venue at the last minute.

I reached out to the  owner of Derby Ink Gardens for a statement, and he said that there were some things planned for the show that their venue simply could not accommodate.  “There were some facets of the scheduled programming that simply were not suitable for our building,” he said.  He said that a new venue is supposed to be announced by the National Pro Wrestling Day organizers today.  He also said to tell fans that Derby Ink Gardens “apologizes greatly for the inconvenience” and that he “hopes the fans enjoy the show no matter where it’s held at.”

While no new venue has been confirmed, two sources have both told me that it’s expected that the event will be moved to the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory on 2700 Southampton Road in Philadelphia.

A call has been placed to the Armory to confirm the change, but all listed numbers currently render a busy signal.

We have reached out to the organizers of the event, but have yet to receive a reply.

More as we recieve it.

UPDATE (3:42PM): This news has been confirmed by the event organizers on their official