Jerry “The King” Lawler Collapses & Receives CPR Live on WWE RAW; He’s in Stable Condition at Montreal Hospital

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Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack live on the air during a WWE RAW commercial break tonight.  It took place at the announcer’s table and he was immediately rushed backstage by medical technicians.  Arda Ocal, who is present at the show, tweeted that Lawler was hunched over in his seat convulsing, collapsed to the floor and was carried out.

If you missed the show, you can see how it was viewed on TV by clicking HERE. Go to the 6:50 mark.

Pray for Jerry Lawler at this time.  More as we hear it.

UPDATE (10:31pm): has confirmed this to not be a part of a storyline and released an official statement.  Lawler has been rushed to a hospital in Montreal and CPR is still being administered.  You can read their story: HERE

UPDATE (10:40pm): Michael Cole just stated live on RAW that Lawler has been transported to the hospital in Montreal after receiving CPR.  Cole said that Lawler is “breathing on his own” and that there would be no more commentary for the remainder of the show out of respect for Lawler.  Cole continued to stress that this is extremely serious and to keep Lawler in your prayers.

UPDATE (10:56pm): Michael Cole just updated on-air again that Jerry Lawler is now reacting to lights by the doctors and is awaiting a CT Scan.  This is great news as it shows improvement, but please still say prayers for Lawler.

UPDATE (11:06pm): Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer just tweeted that the word backstage among those that worked on Lawler is that he suffered a heart attack or stroke.

UPDATE (11:15pm): Michael Cole just closed RAW with a statement saying that Lawler has stabilized!  Lawler is breathing on his own and his heart is beating on its own.  Lawler will be having a CT Scan of his chest and head momentarily.  This is fantastic news.  Continue to keep Lawler in your prayers and we will update you with any further news.

UPDATE (11:34PM): A fan e-mailed in a first-hand account of what happened to Lawler at ringside.  He says that he saw Lawler’s shirt get cut open immediately and CPR was began.

UPDATE (12:09AM): Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that those in the back are being told that Lawler has suffered a heart attack.

UPDATE (12:54AM):  Jerry Lawler’s girlfriend,Lauryn Laine McBride, and his son, Brian Christopher released a joint statement confirming that Lawler suffered a heart attack.  To read the entire statement, click here.

UPDATE (1:16AM): Bret Hart’s brother, Smith Hart, tweeted that Bret Hart was “clinically dead” for 20 minutes before being revived via CPR and a defibrillator.

UPDATE (11:34am): One of Lawler’s arteries was 98% blocked.  He will undergo Bypass Surgery today to clear it.  You can read more about Lawler’s condition HERE.  Also, many wrestling stars past and present have taken to Twitter to offer their support for the King.

UPDATE (12:33PM): has posted the following statement saying that Lawler is out of surgery and all of his vital signs are stable.