Jerry “The King” Lawler Hospitalized After Experiencing Chest Pains, Vomiting

Multiple sources are reporting that Jerry “The King” Lawler has been hospitalized in Baltimore, MD, the home of tonight RAW.

The original report is via MemphisSport Radio AM560 and states that Lawler suffered severe chest pains and excessive vomiting.  He was transported to the hospital shortly after.  PWInsider has since also confirmed the story. is also reporting that Lawler is being monitored to see if he possibly suffered a second heart attack.

UPDATE 5:46PM – is not reporting that Lawler was sent to the hospital earlier today after vomiting and other signs of serious illness.  Lawler had blood work done at the hospital and received fluids.  The report says he’s “now doing fine.”

UPDATE 6:01PMAccording to, Lawler attempted to hide his illness backstage at Old School RAW.  In what may turn out to be a blessing, his son, Brian Christopher, was at the arena preparing to appear on the show.  When he noticed his Dad was attempting to hide his condition, Christopher alerted the WWE medical team who chose to send Lawler to the hospital for observation.

UPDATE 6:07PM – Lawler’s hospitalization has now been confirmed by The Wrestling Observer.  The Observer states that much of the talent are “very depressed” going into tonight’s show once word of Lawler’s situation got around.  They also mention that Lawler is still in the hospital.

UPDATE: 7:46PMThe Wrestling Observer is now reporting that Lawler has returned to the Baltimore Arena, but there’s no news as to whether or not he will work tonight’s RAW as planned.

UPDATE 8:22PM – Lawler appeared live on the WWE app during RAW’s first commercial break.  He says that earlier in the day, him and his girlfriend went to a seafood restaurant in downtown Baltimore.  The food “didn’t sit well” and he ended up throwing up in a mall during a post-lunch walk.  People who checked on him in the mall said that, given his previous heart issues, that vomiting can happen prior to a heart attack and that he should be checked out.  Lawler spent a few hours in a Baltimore hospital having tests run.  The diagnosis ended up being a stomach virus.  Obviously that’s great news.